Happy Birthday Vasco Rossi, the rocker turns 71: the post on Instagram

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Ironically, today February 7, the day on which the Sanremo Festival 2023 begins, Vasco Rossithe legend of Italian music, celebrates a new birthday. Although his career began when smartphones were just a fantasy and social networks weren’t even in Zuckerberg’s mind yet, today Vasco Rossi is often present on his Instagram profile to interact with the community of his fans who thus have the opportunity to communicate with him and snoop into his life, at least in part. And so, also to celebrate his 71st birthday, the singer has published a special post which unleashed a shower of comments of good wishes and compliments from all over the world.

The animated post on Instagram

“Just one more year” reads the caption of the post accompanied by notes of his success How old are you. A animated version of Vasco Rossi she blows out the 71 candles on a guitar cake, reflected in her sunglasses. She then smiles, takes off her glasses and winks looking into the camera to say hello to her followers. A way to experience the birthday with the fans in a creative, young and original way. It didn’t take long for reactions and comments to arrive on the post to support the artist, humanly and professionally.

Reckless life

Vasco Rossi’s life to date certainly is full of adventures, for better or for worse. provocateur, revolutionary and difficult to tame, both as a man and as an artist, he left a deep mark on rock made in Italy signing a series of successes that have been the soundtrack of entire generations. A long time has passed since February 7, 1952 when Rossi was born in Zocca, in the province of Modena, and since in 1983 he took the stage to sing his Reckless life who, strange but true, was among the last classified and at the center of numerous controversies.

Never give up

But Vasco Rossi didn’t give up and continued to sing and compose songs giving away to the fans Clear dawn, Live, How old are you, As in fairy tales, and many other hits, establishing himself as an icon of Italian rock. Defining himself as a “provocateur”, Vasco went straight down his path, amidst some personal obstacles and some professional disputes. As he himself sings “Tomorrow it will be late to regret reality, it is better to live it”, therefore 71 candles he takes with enthusiasm and desire to make people vibrate again at his concerts.