Harry and Meghan Markle, unfortunately it happened: bad time for them

It seemed impossible, but the time has come for Harry and Meghan to come to terms with reality. There’s nothing left to do now, the Sussexes can’t go back.

On January 8, 2020, just a few weeks after the arrival of the pandemic also in Italythe world was shocked by an incredible decision: Harry And Meghanrespectively Duke And Duchess of Sussexthey announced via Instagram wanting to leave royal family British and want to abandon the Great Britain. The news was devastating for all those who follow the events of the English monarchy.

Harry and Meghan during a public meeting held in the rain (credits: Instagram) sologossip

The couple spent a short time in Canadathen moved to the United States of America in order to better protect your privacy. Today the two live in Californiaprecisely in the Santa Barbara County. Their villa is located in the luxurious area of Montecito and is valued at approximately $14 million. Speaking of money, you know how much they spent Harry And Meghan since they left the royal family? The figures are truly amazing, you won’t believe your eyes, yet it’s all true!

Harry and Meghan: here’s how much they spent after ‘Megxit’

With the term ‘Megxit’ means the farewell of Harry And Meghan to the English capital. The reference is to the former American actress because she is considered the true culprit of the incident by the London public. As reported by the site news.au.comdivorce from royal family it would have cost around 17.5 million pounds, or 20 million euros. An enormous figure, if we consider that i Sussex I’m in United States for just three years.

Harry Meghan Dukes of Sussex
Harry and Meghan, their expenses in the last three years (credits: Instagram) just gossip

A large sum was spent on the purchase of the house, worth about 14 million dollars. The house is huge, it has nine bedrooms, sixteen bathrooms and many comforts, such as two saunas and a Japanese tea room. Harry And Meghan they also had to face the restructuring of Frogmore Cottagein the past paid by taxpayers and today totally on the shoulders of the former protagonist of Suits and your husband. We are talking about a figure that is around three million pounds.

The Dukes of Sussex can count on the multimillion pound contracts signed with Netflix And Spotifyfrom 90 and 20 million euros respectively, but the Prince Harry is collecting dizzying figures thanks to the publication of his book, Shootin which he tells several anecdotes related to his life in royal family. Again according to the Australian site, Harry would have signed a contract with the publishing house for 34 million euros. Despite the podcasts of Meghan have not gone very well, currently all the contracts are still existing and in the future there will certainly be some news.