Harry in his autobiography: “I used cocaine at 17”

The release of the autobiography entitled ‘Spare – The minor’ heralds new controversies against the Royal Family. In his book, Prince Harry first admitted to using cocaine when he was 17. Sky News reported it. “Of course I was taking cocaine at that time – reads the book -. At someone’s house, during a weekend hunting, I was offered a strip, and since then I have consumed some more”. And the Duke of Sussex adds: “It wasn’t very funny, and it didn’t make me feel particularly happy as it seemed to happen to others, but it made me feel different, and that was my main goal”.

“I was a 17-year-old willing to try anything that disturbed the established order”

Harry thus motivates his decision to try the drug: “I was a seventeen year old willing to try almost anything that would have altered the established order”. And he points out, “At least, that’s what I was trying to convince myself of.” The extracts from the autobiography were published by Sky News which came into possession of one of the copies put on sale by mistake in Spain five days before the official release of the work and immediately withdrew it. It also emerges from the book that both princes Harry and William had asked their father Charles not to marry Camilla after the death of their mother Diana: “You don’t need to marry again,” we asked him. The king instead when in 2005 he was still prince of Wales got married to the current queen consort Camilla.

The revelations on the Nazi uniform

In an interview released by the New York Post, Harry unloaded part of the responsibility for the scandal of the Nazi uniform worn by the Duke of Sussex on his brother William and sister-in-law Kate. Also in his autobiography, he recounts the details of the episode explaining that the Prince of Wales and his wife would have insisted that he wear the uniform and then they would have laughed. The Duke of Sussex recalls that he was undecided between the pilot uniform or the Nazi uniform. “I called William and Kate and asked them what they thought. They told me the Nazi uniform.”

“I want to sit with my family and talk”

After the clashes and the latest revelations, the book and the docu-series, the participation of the ‘rebel’ prince Harry in the formal coronation of his father Charles and Queen Camilla scheduled for May 6 is certainly becoming difficult. This was underlined by Harry himself, in a new preview of one of the two television interviews granted in view of the launch of the book and scheduled to be broadcast on Sunday 8 January. “There are many things that can happen between now and May,” the Duke of Sussex told ITV interviewer Tom Bradby, in response to a question on whether he and his wife Meghan are willing to accept King Charles III’s invitation for the coronation. “The door is always open, but the ball is in their court,” he then added, evidently referring to the court and the rest of the royal family. “There is a lot to discuss – he finally specified – and I really hope that they have the will to sit down and talk”.