Harry Styles, ready for a 40 million residency in Las Vegas

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Lately we see the cachets of the various international pop stars reaching figures that are difficult even to write without going into an “overdose of zeros”. Self Beyoncé he had recently caused discussion, performing in Dubai in a private concert for 24 million dollars, his colleagues are no less. Without necessarily bothering the rich emirs barricaded in their mansions in the Middle East, it is enough to go to Las Vegas to find someone willing to pour 40 million pounds into the pockets of Harry Styles. Anything to secure the services of the former One Direction.

What you don’t do to have the “dearest” Harry Styles

The owners of the new MSG Sphere they spared no expense, investing the astronomical sum of more than a billion pounds in the venue. It’s not hard to believe the source of the Sun when he says that it is the “largest and most expensive venue ever built in Las Vegas” but certainly now artists capable of attracting visitors and customers will be needed in this location capable of holding approximately 17,500 people. For the opening in the autumn have already been contacted the U2 but the men who run the The Sphere they certainly don’t plan to stop at Bono Vox and associates: “”The team that supports the project wants it to be a success, so they are putting together several big names for the first few weeks”, confessed the deep throat of the English tabloid, blurting that the name the warmer is that of the author of As It Was: “It would be seen as a big coup. One able to make the The Sphere the hottest place in vegas”.

40 million reasons to accept

On the other hand, as our man also points out, Styles “has one of the biggest tours of 2022, can fill arenas with ease and attract fans of all ages.” His Love On Tour was a success able to be replicated practically at every latitude and, net of road accidents such as the torn trousers during a tribute to jennifer aniston, it really seems that the rise of the actor and singer in the Olympus of pop knows no end. It must also be said that Las Vegas is no longer that of the times in which he performed Elvis Presley. A residence in the city of vice is today anything but a way to scrape together the last few coins: long gone are the days when doing a series of concerts in Nevada was equivalent to certifying the death of one’s artistic career. Today even popstars are far from declining like Adele they “find a home” in the gambling capital, giving away their uvula to one of the many locals that spring up like mushrooms on the edge of the desert. Is Harry Styles destined to be the next big artist to give a dozen lives to local audiences? If what is said is true, ours probably has at least 40 million reasons to examine the proposal carefully,