Have a seat before you see what Indio Costa, the famous dancer of ‘Porto Seguro’, looks like today

In the 2000s, the Brazilian ax rhythm conquered the country and several groups came to Chile to make the public fall in love with their music. One of the most famous was ‘Safe Porto’ and was made up of Fabricio Vasconcellos, Vivi Rodrigues, Fran, Cherry and Indian Coast.

Over time, each of the members of ‘Safe Porto’ They followed different paths but fans still remember them fondly and don’t miss a beat on social media. A clear example of this is Indian Coast who was very mediatic for his love life and for his fame as a conqueror.

One of the romances with the greatest exposure of Indian Coast It was the one he had with the Ukrainian presenter based in Chile, Lola Melnick. When the furor over the axis and the Mekano program passed, the participant moved away from television but continued his professional career in the country.

Indian Coast He works as a personal trainer and completed his university studies at the Universidad de las Américas as a Business Administrator. Regarding his private life, he has two children who also live with him in Chile and who he maintains with his classes at his home and also online as a personal trainer.

Indio Costa ex Porto Seguro. Source: instagram @indiocosta

Indian Coast He commented to LUN a few weeks ago about his work and family routine in Chile, far from television: “I do classes from six in the morning to ten at night, and I also pick up and drop off my children at the school, then the car is the most comfortable”.