Have you ever noticed that Soleil tattoo? It has a particular meaning: you would never have said it

Have you ever noticed that Soleil tattoo? It has a very special meaning: you would never have said it

The beautiful Soleil she made herself known in the house of Big Brother Vip for his strength and a rather particular temper. But have you ever noticed his foot tattoo? It has a very special meaning and he explained it to one of his roommates.

Have you ever noticed that Soleil tattoo? It has a particular meaning: you would never have said it! (Source Instagram)

Now the path of the Vippona Soleil Rises it is more and more tiring and uphill. Already in the last period she has clashed several times with other members of the house, and now as if that were not enough, she has also entered the house. Delia Duran. The wife of Alex Belli, although I am currently on hiatus, she certainly has not entered the house of the GF Vip to make friends with Soleil. Their first confrontation was full of question and answer, it seems that the two women are never able to understand each other! When Soleil she was in the garden with her friend Manilia, the latter asked him what the meaning of his tattoo on his foot was.

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Have you seen Soleil’s tattoo? The meaning is very particular

The Vippona was the focus of the question Manila Nazzaro, who asked her “What is it?”, pointing to the foot of Soleil Rises. Soleil’s response is truly unexpected: “It is a mantra, an Oṃ Maṇi Padme Hūṃ”. “What does it mean?” she asks curiously Manila. Soleil she explains to her friend that “Every syllable has a meaning, and it’s a mantra. Oṃ, Maṇi, Padme, Hūṃ all have a different meaning, but the message of the mantra as a whole is to reach enlightenment through learning lessons in life ”. Really nice meaning for this tattoo.

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Soleil tattoo
Source Instagram

Soleil he says it’s a bit faded, having done it at 16. At that point Manila asks the girl if it hurts to get a tattoo in that spot, in this case the side of the foot. Soleil answers “Zero” with her usual firmness of a strong woman. The design of this symbol is an intertwined motif, not very clear. It almost seems to form a flower, but in reality these are writings that precisely refer to the religious culture of Buddhism, especially the Tibetan one.

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What an interesting meaning, and you like the particular tattoo it has Soleil on the foot?