Have you ever seen Amadeus’ house? Where the conductor lives with his wife Giovanna

Have you ever seen the beautiful and modern house of Amadeus? Where the conductor lives with his wife Giovanna Civitillo

Amadeus he is momentarily the great protagonist of Italian television. Fresh from the successful management of Sanremo 2022, now you can enjoy a well-deserved rest. Speaking of which, have you ever seen his house? Let’s find out where the well-known conductor lives with his wife and son.

Have you ever seen the splendid home of Amadeus and his wife? (Source Instagram)

The Sanremo Festival has come to an end, and the dynamic duo formed by Mahmood And Blanco. Amadeus, as in previous editions, he was a truly excellent conductor, who with all his choices brought a breath of fresh air to the historic program. Now he will return to his everyday life and his job as a conductor. Amadeus is married since 2009 with the beautiful ex show girl, dancer and TV personality, Giovanna Civitillo. The two became parents of their son in 2009 José Alberto, so named in honor of the footballer José Mourinho. It is no secret indeed, that Amadeus and his son share the same great passion for football and above all for their favorite team, theInter. But where does he live Amadeus with his family?

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Have you ever seen the house of Amadeus and his wife Giovanna?

Given the numerous work commitments, Amadeus, his wife and son live in the city of Milan. More precisely in the neighborhood that hosted theExpo in 2015. Their home is an apartment located very high up, with a great view over the city of Milan, so it is probably a skyscraper. A spacious, elegant, modern and full of comfort house, where the family can get together and have fun together.

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house of Amadeus
Source Instagram

The couple used to share on their profile Instagram, shared, numerous glimpses of their splendid home. Starting with the very spacious living room, where we can find a huge TV. The furniture, made of white walls in contrast with the black floor, is completed by a huge bookcase in shades of gray where you can find numerous family photos, books and many knick-knacks.

house of Amadeus
Source Instagram

The house takes on a certain liveliness thanks to the choice of some very particular pieces of furniture, such as the zebra-striped sofa and the elements of the dining room. In the latter we can see a large wooden table, a beautiful carpet, but above all some adorable chairs all in different and bright colors.

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And have you ever seen the beautiful house of Amadeus And Giovanna Civitillo?