Have you ever seen Bianca Atzei’s mother? Here they are together in a photo

Bianca Atzei shows herself to fans in a tender photo together with her mother, Gemma Atzeni: impossible not to notice the similarity!

Known face of music for about ten years now, Bianca Atzei it is also very popular on social networks. With her voice and her beauty, she entered the hearts of the audience that has followed her from her very beginnings to Sanremo Social in 2012.

Have you ever seen Bianca Atzei’s mother? Here she is with her in a photo (Credits: Instagram)

Born in Milan on March 8, 1987 with the name of Veronica Atzei, Bianca has often been at the center of gossip for the events of her private life. In 2015 she entered into a relationship with the MotoGP champion Max Biaggi to which he dedicated the piece Now only you existpresented at the Sanremo Festival in 2017.

Unexpectedly, the relationship between the two ended just at the end of that year, despite both having seemed intent on building a family together. “Was a out of the blueexploded overnight and only by Max’s will. But how can a story like ours be erased? “, he had declared to the weekly Who.

Since 2019, the singer has found happiness next to the Hyena Stefano Corti: last year the couple said they unfortunately lost the baby they were expecting. An episode that caused a lot of suffering to both of them.

While Atzei’s love life has been in the spotlight for a long time, not everyone knows her family of origin. For example, have you ever seen hers mom?

Who is Bianca Atzei’s mother: everything we know about her

An only child, Bianca was born in Milan, but both mum and dad have Sardinian origins and come from the province of Oristano. The mother, in particular, is originally from Siamanna.

Note that Mrs. Gemma and her husband have almost the same surname: hers is Atzeni while that of Mr. Renato is Atzei. They live in the Lombard capital and the artist is very attached to them.

For her, these are two fundamental figures, who have helped her in difficult moments such as when as a teenager she fell into the abyss of anorexia and was therefore hospitalized. When Bianca was a competitor to The Island of the Famous 2018Mom was often present in the studio to support her in that experience, remember?

As shown in this photo, taken these days at the restaurant to celebrate Mrs. Gemma’s birthday, mother and daughter look very similar in features, apart from the different hair color.

Bianca Atzei mom
Credits: Instagram

Beautiful like her daughter, right?