Have you ever seen Bruno Barbieri’s house? There is one detail that will leave you speechless: fabulous!

Have you ever seen Bruno Barbieri’s house? There is one detail that will really blow your mind: it is extraordinary, here it is.

A new Thursday has come. And, like every self-respecting Thursday, a new episode of Masterchef is coming. The talent, we know very well, started a few weeks ago, yet it already has all the credentials to prove itself unmissable.

Have you ever seen Bruno Barbieri’s house? There is to fall in love with it. Photo Source: Instagram

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Waiting to find out what will be the tests that each competitor of this eleventh edition of Masterchef will have to face in the episode, are you ready to find out something more about its judges? Recently, for example, we showed you a very young Antonino Cannavacciuolo and we told you about all the Michelin stars won by Giorgio Locatelli, on Bruno Barbieri what do we know In our very recent article, as you will remember, we told you a scary background that the Bolognese chef himself revealed in an interview with the weekly ‘Oggi’, but if we asked you if you have ever seen his home, could you give us an answer? Well. We were able to track down various ‘details’ through a series of videos uploaded to Instagram. We assure you: you will really love it!

Bruno Barbieri’s house is crazy: look at that ‘detail’, it is impossible not to notice it

Over the course of these long weeks, we have re-proposed the homes of some of our beloved VIPs. Now, however, we will review all those ‘details’ that we were able to track down on the Bruno Barbieri’s house.

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Very active on his official social channel, the beloved Bolognese chef and judge of Masterchef usually shows himself to his supporters directly in his home. Speaking of which, have you ever seen it? Below, we will present you everything that we have managed to track down. Be careful, though: there is a ‘detail’ that you cannot help but notice. Let’s find out together.

cooking bruno barbieri
Photo Source: Instagram

Sifting through his Instagram channel, our eyes immediately focused on his cuisine. Without a doubt, the favorite place of the good Barbieri. Well. As you can clearly see from the photo above, this room is full of many things. There is, of course, no shortage of spices and smells that make its foods even more palatable, but you can’t help but notice the modern touch that the walls have. Without considering, moreover, that bouquet of lilac and purple flowers that can be seen behind the chef.

Bruno barbieri studio
Photo Source: Instagram

This reproposed above we assume that it is the study of Bruno Barbieri. It makes us imagine the fact that the chef is sitting at a desk. And that behind it there is a large and immense library. And in front of him instead a huge PC. Even in this case, however, one cannot help but notice the modernity of the furnishings, but also the touch of art painted on the white wall.

casa bruno barbieri
Photo Source: Instagram

We don’t know which room we are in exactly here, but one thing is certain: one cannot help but notice the enormous recognition that Bruno Barbieri has behind him. Do you agree with us that the chef’s house is crazy? Simple, but full of art and modernity. For us it is definitely extraordinary. For you?