Have you ever seen Carmen Di Pietro’s house? In all spaces there is a predominant color

Have you ever seen Carmen Di Pietro’s house? In all spaces there is a predominant color and the furniture is classic.

Carmen Di Pietro is one of the most loved characters in the entertainment world. She made her debut many years ago and since her debut her career has taken off. After graduating she began to audition around Italy and then moved to work as a model. Her popularity came in the 90s when she participated in Gianni Ippoliti’s television broadcasts.

Carmen di Pietro, home (credits: instagram) sologossip

From there you will imagine that new job opportunities have begun to arrive, some very important. In recent years we have often seen her on the small screen. This year you took part in the reality show L’Isola dei Famosi hosted by Ilary Blasi. She initially entered with her son Alessandro then the duo was dissolved.

During our stay, at least until the young man was there, we were able to see what the relationship between mother and son is like. Apparently, as you may have seen, Carmen is a mother hen, despite the fact that Alessandro has asked her for space several times. When the latter came out we followed her single path. The showgirl conquered the public enough to reach the final: she was one step away from victory and she finished third, behind Luca Daffrè and the winner Nicolas Vaporidis. His social following has also grown over the years. In the images that she publishes there are many details that the most attentive will have noticed, or some corners of his house: do you know where he lives?

Have you ever seen where Carmen Di Pietro lives? The showgirl has a beautiful house with a predominant color

Celebrities from the world of entertainment are always very active on social media. They have a large following and update their followers by publishing shots and stories of everyday life but also things related to projects and new works. Just like Carmen Di Pietro doestoday among the most loved and appreciated showgirls.

With over 500,000 followers, every social movement never goes unnoticed. She’s always very sunny and that’s exactly what fans like, with that ready joke and an eccentric personality. In many photos, sifting through the profile, going back, it is possible to see some corners of his house: have you ever seen it? The showgirl lives in Rome in a beautiful residence. Her house is characterized by a beautiful terrace with various plants: the colors are not too bright brown.

Carmend I Pietro Terrazzo
Carmen’s house (credits: instagram) sologossip

Inside, however, the predominant color is white. The kitchen and the entire furniture is in this shade. However, everything revolves around the word simplicity.

how is your house
Where does showgirl live (credits: instagram) sologossip

Although Carmen is a very eccentric and passionate person, her house does not have a super crackling soul but is very classic. It is precisely this touch that makes it a warm abode.