Have you ever seen Ciro Immobile’s house? Mega villa, to be amazed

Where Ciro Immobile and his wife Jessica Melena live: their house is something truly spectacular, the images leave you breathless.

True pride of Italian football, Ciro Immobile he is currently the top scorer of Lazio and also a man dedicated to the family he built in 2014 with the beautiful Jessica Melenaa model of her age who has become a true social media star over the years.

Have you ever seen Ciro Immobile’s house? Mega villa, to be left speechless (Instagram)

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Together with their three beautiful children Michela, Giorgia and Mattia, the two live in a spectacular house that should be located in Rome or nearby. Often it is Jessica who immortalizes moments of their daily life and from the published posts you can glimpse some glimpses of the luxurious villa that has become their love nest.

For example, a while ago, the 31-year-old shared about Instagram a video in which she showed the magnificent surprise received by her husband to celebrate the first 6 years of marriage. A trail of red rose petals from the living room to the garden: from the images you can see that the predominant color in the fantastic mansion is white and that the house has huge windows.

The house of Ciro Immobile leaves you speechless: you will not believe it

The White marble therefore it is the main feature in the amazing villa of the Campania champion which is surrounded by a large green space. Spectacular are the shots that portray the open space living room where there are two sofas: on the occasion of Christmas, the environment becomes ‘magical’ with the presence of the tree.

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Ciro Immobile house
Photo source: Instagram

Do not miss the images of the bedroom where the girls sleep in which the beds, the desk and everything else is purple. The most surprising room in the house is that ‘cinema’hidden by armchairs and red carpet in which the family often appears gathered in the many shots published by Melena.

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Ciro Immobile house
Photo source: Instagram

The style of the environment is decidedly modern, while maintaining a familiar and welcoming atmosphere: a real dream!