Have you ever seen Delia Duran’s mom? Here it is, both splendid

Have you ever seen Delia Duran’s mom? In this shot you can see the similarity: both are two beautiful women!

Delia Duran was one of the contestants who took part in the Big Brother Vip. Although she entered her house when the path of her roommates was already well advanced, it cannot be said that the woman has not been able to acclimatise and make people talk about herself in a short time.

Delia Duran, have you ever seen her mom? (Credits: Instagram)

His arrival in the house was subsequent to a succession of events that saw his partner Alex Belli as the protagonist with the competitor in the game Soleil Sorge. Delia’s arrival inside the house upsets her balance a little, however she manages to make herself known to the public so much that she becomes a finalist in the last episode. Although the reality show winner was Jessica Selassié, Delia Duran she was however a very well known character inside the house often in the spotlight.

Inside the house of the GF VIP on some occasions we got to see her mum. Do you remember him? A truly gorgeous woman. Here she is in this shot!

Who is Delia Duran’s mom

Is called Ana Duran Perez and it is the Delia Duran’s mom. Mom Ana is Venezuelan and has taken care of her daughter on her own. During her stay in the reality show, Delia said she never had a relationship with her dad that she had abandoned both of them when she learned of her pregnancy.

Mom Ana has always shown herself to be a strong woman to be admired. “She is a warrior woman, she had the courage to have me even if she was not present“, Said the Venezuelan showgirl during her experience at Big Brother Vip. In this shot we can see mother and daughter together. Don’t you find they are very similar?

mother delia duran
Credits: Mediaset Infinity

Mom and daughter are really close. Even in the last episode aired, we all saw that Mom Ana was outside her house just waiting to hug her daughter again. Delia’s mother has always tried not to miss anything. So as soon as she started working, the showgirl’s first concern was to buy a house for her mother. “I wanted to do it for her, and so it went”- said Delia. Don’t you think they are splendid?