Have you ever seen Diletta Leotta’s parents? What are they called and what they do

Diletta Leotta is a beloved face of the Italian show, but have you ever seen her parents? What are they called and what they do.

Not only a sports presenter, but also an actress. In short, it is appropriate to say it: Diletta Leotta she is an artist through and through. For the first of her on the big screen alongside two greats of Italian cinema, the beloved Sicilian was able to amply demonstrate and confirm her versatility.

Have you ever seen Diletta Leotta’s parents? Photo Source: Instagram

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Born in Catania on August 16, 1991, Diletta Leotta began working in the world of entertainment from a very young age. After completing her schooling, in fact, the Sicilian begins to take her first steps on the small local screen. And, since that time, she has never stopped. 2011 is the year of her turning point. In fact, it is precisely this year that she arrives at Mediaset. And she becomes the backbone of a well-known La5 program. All the rest, then, is history. To date, Diletta Leotta is one of the most loved faces of Italian television. And, thanks to its beauty, but also extraordinary skill, it is one of the stars of the Italian small screen. What do we know, though, about his two parents? Recently, the sports host shared a photo in their company, but who are they? And what do they do?

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Who are Diletta Leotta’s parents and what they do

That Diletta Leotta’s success is reckless is truly undisputed. But have you ever wondered who his folks are parents? And above all, what do they do in life? We know very well that, to date, the sports presenter lives in Milan and that as soon as she can, she reaches her parents in Catania. Are you curious, however, to know something more about them?

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Just recently, on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, Diletta Leotta shared a photo of him in the company of his mom and dad on his official social channel. We are talking about Ofelia Castorina, a splendid woman and identical to her daughter. And by Rori Leotta. What do Diletta’s mom and dad do in life? Well. Unfortunately, we have very little news about mum, except that she is passionate about architecture and art. Of her father, however, we know that he is a civil lawyer.

Diletta Leotta parents
Photo Source: Instagram

They are really beautiful, aren’t they?