Have you ever seen Drusilla Foer’s house? Here it is finally

Have you ever seen Drusilla Foer’s house? We noticed a number of details from her social shots.

We met the exuberant and passionate personality of Drusilla Foer on the stage of the Sanremo 2022 Festival. She was alongside Amadeus in the third evening, intriguing the audience who followed her.

Have you ever seen Drusilla Foer’s house? Note all the particular details (Credits: youtube)

She is very eccentric, she does not follow patterns unlike her alter ego, the former photographer Gianluca Gori of whom you really know the bare minimum. On social media, she is very popular with a number of followers that exceeds 700,000. There are hundreds of images of her published among the many we can see that she has made it known that the dates of her tour, the last one dates back to April 3 in Como, have all been sold out. Her VERY ELEGANT Drusilla Foer definitely made her a bang. All this great feedback shows how much she is loved and above all how much her talent is appreciated.

It would appear that, according to recent statementslives in Florence and it is precisely through the photos published on social media that we can see some spaces of his home.

Have you ever seen Drusilla Foer’s house? All the details are to be noted

Drusilla Foer is conquering everyone and it is really difficult not to be dazzled by the talent of an artist with so many qualities. Talent appreciated by the public who apparently sold out all the stages of his Tour Drusilla Foer ELEGANT.

The actress lives in Florence and her Tuscan home can be seen in some photos shared on social networks. Where does our gaze immediately fall?

drusilla foer house
Credits: instagram

There are many details that capture the attention but first of all we note that Drusilla’s house has a series of details that can be books and works of art on the walls.

casa drusilla foer
Credits: instagram

In fact, behind we can see a bookcase that would seem old-fashioned and the same can be said of the furniture that is wrapped in an aura of ancient mold.

drusilla foer sofa house
Credits: instagram

The sofa is a green shade with different colored cushions with a different design. In this shot we see a painting that doesn’t seem to be hanging on the wall at all. From these few shots it is evident that the artist’s house is full of a series of details, books, paintings, old-fashioned furniture, everything is very beautiful.