Have you ever seen Elena Santarelli’s brother? Same charm!

We already know Elena Santarelli’s incredible beauty, but she is not the only one in the family to have so much charm: that’s who her brother is.

He had shown it to everyone in some Instagram stories last year and immediately it was a riot. The beautiful Elena Santarellione of the most popular showgirls on the small screen, had published pictures of her brother thanks to which all web users had been able to appreciate the innate charm of the family.

Elena Santarelli, who is her brother (Credits: Instagram)

If after almost twenty years of career, the 41-year-old who grew up in Sermoneta continues to make everyone’s head spin with her physique that seems not to be affected at all by the passage of time, looking at her brother’s photo it turns out that beauty is really a matter of DNA.

As we said, last year, on the Ig profile of the wife of the ex football player Bernardo Corradi some stories appeared in which he was seen Emiliano Santarelli (this is the brother’s name) first drive the car with background music and then, once home, intent on preparing spaghetti with clams. In both moments, no one could help but notice the attractiveness of the man who should be about a couple of years younger than his famous sister.

What is most striking are her elegance and her reassuring air that seems to evoke in the mind of every woman the image of the perfect prince charming. Not surprisingly, on that occasion Elena herself wrote “Che bono che sei” next to Emiliano’s photo, tagging him.

Elena Santarelli, who is her brother: impossible not to notice the similarity

Not being part of the entertainment world, of Emiliano Santarelli we don’t know many things. From what emerges from his Facebook profile, we can assume that he works in a bank. As for his private life, at least until last year he had to be romantically involved in a relationship: Elena in fact specified to the very enthusiastic fans that her brother was already in a couple.

As evidence of what was said, in the stories published later he also showed his sister-in-law tagging her. The lucky one is called Anna and apparently she too has an excellent relationship with the showgirl. From the photo that we show you you can clearly see the extraordinary similarity between the two brothers. Among the details of the face that most unite them, there is certainly the cut of her eyes which is one of the most beautiful details of Elena’s face. Her nose is also very similar and, despite the graying hair, you can see the fair complexion which is another point in common with the blonde former model.

Elena Santarelli brother
Elena Santarelli, here is her brother (Credits: Facebook)

In a suit and tie, Santarelli’s brother looks just like a Hollywood actor: have you ever seen him?