Have you ever seen Emma Marrone’s mom? Here they are together in this shot

Emma Marrone with her mom, have you ever seen her? Here they are together in a shot published on social networks.

More than a week ago, a video went viral in which Emma Marrone stops her concert after seeing a grasshopper. The fact happened about a year ago but only now the images have had a great explosion on the web.

Emma and her mother (credits. Instagram)

Apparently, as she suggests from the video, one of her biggest fears is that of these insects. We know that there are many people who have this type of phobia and it is difficult to deal with the situation when faced with it. Emma stopped the concert by asking surveillance to take the bug away. Everything she does becomes known, as happened for this episode, and this is due to the fact that she is so loved. She is loved for her music that fully reflects her personality, strong and straightforward, passionate and sincere, and is equally appreciated for how she is and shows herself.

In fact, the public becomes attached to the artists professionally but that emotional bond always takes over. Emma can boast of the love of her listeners even on her social networks where she is followed by millions of people. On her instagram channel she posts many shots about her music, for example she informs fans about important projects or her tour stops, but she also shares personal photos with her family. Have you ever seen his mom? Together they are very beautiful!

Emma Marrone with her mom: the shot shows a certain similarity

Emma became known after participating in Amici di Maria De Filippi. In the ninth edition of the talent show she triumphs amidst the acclaim of the audience. Since then, the same audience has accompanied her and sang her songs at concerts and events in which she participates.

2022 saw her competing at the Sanremo Festival, where on the Ariston stage she brought the song ‘Every time it is like this’, ranking sixth. The song reached the hearts of the audience in the room and the viewers who followed the event from home. Today she is beloved, so much so that on social media she is followed by millions of followers. On her instagram channel she often interacts with those who follow her, shares many shots and there is no shortage of stories. There are several photos with her family, to which she is very attached. Have you ever seen his mom? The singer a few weeks ago shared a very tender image:

emma brown and mom
Emma, ​​his mother (credits: instagram)

Here is mother and daughter together! Emma hugs her mother and their eyes smile like never before. At the bottom of the post shared on Mother’s Day she left a simple description ‘Mum’ with a heart. The similarity is there for some traits for others a little less, for example both are blondes with some brown shades and have a fair complexion.