Have you ever seen Francesco Facchinetti’s house? There is just everything you want most: sensational

Have you ever seen Francesco Facchinetti’s house and his beautiful Wilma? Inside is everything you want most: truly incredible.

Can’t you wait to see this new episode of ‘The Masked Singer’ too? How to blame you! Starting at 21:20 tonight, Milly Carlucci will be at the helm of a new episode of her program. In the jury, of course, there will always be them: Francesco Facchinetti, Flavio Insinna, Caterina Balivo and Arisa.

Have you ever seen Francesco Facchietti’s house? Credits: Instagram

Have you ever seen where he lives Francesco Facchinetti? Just recently, we showed you all the details of the home by Gerry Scotti, but have you ever seen where the very nice judge of ‘The masked singer’ lives? Several months ago, on MTV Cribs, the beloved deejay amply showed his love nest. Are you curious to see it? We think about it immediately. Inside, nothing is missing! There are, in fact, 2 swimming pools, but also a games room, a shoe collection and much more. Here are all the details.

Have you ever seen Facchinetti’s house? You will be speechless

At MTV Cribs, Francesco Facchinetti he said he built this one home when he had not yet met his wife and when, consequently, he had not yet become the father of 4 children. From how you can clearly understand, therefore, inside there is everything you need for pure and healthy fun. Are you ready to see it too? Let’s start immediately with the living room:

porters living room
Credits: Youtube

In the living room there is really everything. Not only is it large enough, since they spend most of their time there, but it has all sorts of comforts. Starting, therefore, with huge super soft sofas. Up to a fireplace made by an incredible artist. The furniture, as you can clearly see, is completely modern. And it has quite dark colors: from black to brown.

porters meshes
Credits: Youtube

All men desire it. And, just like Francesco Totti, Francesco Facchinetti also has it at home: a games room! You read that right, yes! And the surprises, mind you, did not end there at all. Inside, the famous deejay has dedicated a space to his most important football shirts. Let’s start from that of Marco Materazzi, the idol of Inter, up to the shirt that bears his name on which there are all the signatures of the players who, back in 2009, made the treble. What a shock!

porters for the sauna
Credits: Youtube

Could a relaxation area be missing? Absolutely not! In this area there is not only an indoor pool of about 12 meters with salt water, waterfall and built-in whirlpool, but also a sauna dedicated to adults. What a blast!

francesco office
Credits: Youtube

But do we want to talk about your office? This room is also sensational! And it is here that the good Facchinetti records his greatest hits, as well as devoting himself to music, which is his greatest passion. Have you noticed the chandelier too? It is in the shape of a diver: what a novelty!

francesco shoes
Credits: Youtube

After passing through the kitchen and seeing the cabinet with wines and vodka, Facchinetti transports the MTV Cribs audience to his walk-in closet. There are lots of clothes, but what absolutely cannot go unnoticed is the shoe collection. There are all colors and all kinds, incredible!

porters for the swimming pool
Credits: Youtube

If there is an indoor pool, the outdoor one cannot be missing. Although the good Facchinetti imagined it as a revelry theater with his friends, this was used to teach his children to swim. In short, Francesco’s love nest and his beautiful Wilma is truly amazing. What do you think?