Have you ever seen Luca Calvani’s brothers? Who they are and what work they do

How many brothers does Luca Calvani have? Check a shot together: who they are and what work they do in their life, not everyone knows.

After Diego Thomas’ farewell to ‘Courtesies for guests’, he was the new entry in the program. We are talking about Luca Calvani, beloved actor.

Selfie Calvani. Credits: Instagram

After 7 editions from its first time in the famous program, the beloved architect and furniture designer of Cortesie for guests has chosen to say ‘goodbye’ to this amazing project to devote himself to something else. Alongside Csaba Dalla Zorsa, of which we recently told you a crazy ‘background’, and Roberto Valbuzzi, it was Luca Calvani!

Born in Prato in 1975, he is loved by all the Italian public not only for his modeling career, which began in Italy after returning from New York, but also for his acting career. But not only. The protagonist of many successful fiction, the good Calvani is also a popular TV personality. In fact, back in 2006, Luca took part in the edition of L’Isola dei stelle of that year. And he came out as a winner. What do we know, however, of his ‘private’? For example, you know how many brothers do you have? Let’s find out together!

Who are Luca Calvani’s brothers and what work do they do?

On his Instagram channel, Luca Calvani it’s really very active. With a profile that boasts more than 50,000 followers, the current judge of ‘Courtesy for guests’ loves to share everything about his life with his audience. Just a while ago, for example, the actor could not help but make his supporters participate in a truly unforgettable moment. “Getting back together after more than two years was a strong emotion. Because you are joy, strength but also a lot of memory “, wrote Luca Calvani in support of this shot that portrays him in the company of his parents siblings. Here, but who are they?

Unfortunately, we have very little information about them. From what we learn from the written caption accompanying the family shot, his two sisters are called Eva and Sara, but we do not know the occupation of both, while the brother is called Marco Calvani and, from what we read on the web, it would seem to be an established playwright and director. Ready to see them together? Here they are:

Luca calvani brothers
Calvani Brothers. Credits: Instagram

They are really beautiful, no doubt about it!

Coming out on Instagram

He loves being able to share everything with his audience and this is what prompted Luca Calvani to come out several months ago on Instagram. With a photo of him from behind, but hand in hand with his partner, the judge of Cortesie for the guests could not help but present his other part of the apple to his followers.