Have you ever seen Ludovica Bizzaglia’s mother? You will recognize it immediately, they are identical

Ludovica Bizzaglia shared with her followers a photo with her mother: have you ever seen it? You will be speechless for the strong resemblance.

When we first saw her on television she was very young, Ludovica Bizzaglia over the years it has made itself known and appreciated a lot. She began to take her first steps in the world of acting by participating in successful productions.

Ludovica Bizzaglia, mother (credits: instagram)

She starred at the age of 12 in the sit-com Appuntamento al tubo and also came to the cinema in Federico Moccia’s film, Amore 14. But many will remember her with greater intensity in the soap opera Un posto al sole, broadcast on Rai 3. In fact Ludovica was part of the cast playing Anita but for some years we have not seen her character anymore.

Today she is a very successful influencer so much so that her instagram channel is followed by over 800,000 followers. Thousands of shots are shared, she often publishes beautiful photos showing the looks worn. For example, she recently sported a cropped top with an open belly that tied across the straps at the bottom. This is just one of the many looks but there are several, and whatever Ludovica wears is always wonderful. She recently posted a shot with her mom and even among the stories we can see them together, have you ever seen it? You will recognize the influencer’s mother immediately because they are identical.

Ludovica Bizzaglia with her mother: the resemblance is very strong, it is difficult not to recognize it

Ludovica Bizzaglia has become an established influencer over the last few years and is followed by over 800,000 followers on social networks. You can imagine that every shot of her is greeted by thousands of likes and a large number of comments.

She often interacts with those who follow her, through her instagram stories, making them participate in everyday life, for example by posting photos of her in the places visited or showing the looks worn for an evening, for a big event or for any other occasion. She recently took a trip to Mykonos, Greece, and shared many images from these days, in which she appeared alone or with friends, or even with her boyfriend Alessandro Renato Sollevanti. Looking at her profile, we discover, as reported in her biography, that she is an entrepreneur. Ludovica has shared in the last few hours a wonderful shot in which she is photographed with her mom: have you ever seen it? It is easy to recognize them together because the similarity is very strong.

ludovica bizzaglia mamma
Ludovica Bizzaglia, mother (credits: instagram)

Here they are together! The influencer showed all of her followers her mother, a beautiful woman just like her: we understand who Ludovica inherited her beauty from! They have almost the same features, such as complexion, hair color, the same smile and even the same features of the look, they are truly wonderful!