Have you ever seen Salvo Sottile’s mother? Here they are together, what elegance!

We all know Salvo Sottile and the programs he conducted, but how many of you have ever seen the famous journalist’s mother?

Started at a very young age, his excellent journalistic career has paid off for years Except Thin a familiar face for viewers: hired by Enrico Mentana’s Tg5 at the age of 19, the current presenter of Your Facts boasts in its curriculum many information programs but also entertainment.

Have you ever seen Salvo Sottile’s mother? Here it is with her, what elegance! (Credits: Instagram)

Among its historical services we recall some of national and global importance: that of the Capaci massacre and those on the attacks of twin towers. Born in Palermo on January 31, 1973, he is in a certain sense a son of art: his father is indeed Giuseppe Sottile, journalist and writer just like him. The presenter de Your Facts he is in fact the author of various books including Deep night, Darker than midnight, Cruel.

Father of two sonsGiuseppe and Maya, born from the marriage ended in 2019 with the colleague Sarah Varetto, Sottile is also very attached to his mother. Just in these hours, on his very active Instagram profile, a shot appeared that portrays them together: you will be speechless!

Except Sottile, check the photo together with the mother: shower of likes for them

Although he made himself known by the public above all for his professionalism, Salvo Sottile is also much loved for his grace and his sympathy: there have been not a few funny moments of this last season of Your Facts in which his more comical side came out.

It is therefore understood that he is also a jovial and easygoing person. It is also linked to the dearest affections. To celebrate his parents’ 50th anniversary, for example, the journalist paid tribute to the important day with a tender black and white shot with his mother. “Palermo, the memories, the streets, the smells, the sea, all wonderful. But there is nothing more beautiful than you. Mom”.

What immediately catches the eye is first of all the elegance of the lady: evening dress, jewelry, sober and refined make-up, in short, the mother of the beloved Sicilian conductor is truly a woman of great class! And then, have you noticed how beautifully he carries her years? Among other things, the similarity between them is undeniable: the look, the expression, the facial features are practically identical.

Except Subtle mother
Credits: Instagram

Looking at them, you wouldn’t think they are mother and child: congratulations!