Have you ever seen Sophie Codegoni’s mother? Mother and daughter, indisputable beauty: here they are together

Seeing Sophie Codegoni’s mother will leave you all speechless: mother and daughter are truly indisputable beauty!

Sophie Codegoni he was part of the cast of contestants of the last aired edition of Big Brother Vip. A new experience for her where she had the opportunity to certainly rediscover herself but where she also found love, to which she had said she was open and willing to welcome him with open arms!

Who is Sophie Codegoni’s mother? Beautiful woman (Credits: Instagram)

Inside the house between the beautiful Sophie and the competitor in the game Alessandro Basciano it was immediately leaked that there was some tender, until the two then resisted and gave in to love. To date, even outside the most spied-on house in Italy, it seems that their history is proceeding swiftly, so much so that introductions have been made in the family. And speaking of family, have you ever seen Sophie Codegoni’s mother? Their beauty is truly indisputable. Here they are together in an unmissable shot!

Who is Sophie Codegoni’s mother: the striking resemblance

With her natural beauty Sophie is truly enchanting, but have you ever seen the ex gieffina’s mother? Her name is Valeria Pasciuti and she is the mother of Sophie Codegoni. Mom and daughter are very close, they have a truly unique and profound bond. Sophie’s mom and dad separated when she was only 3, but although they took two different paths, they remained on good terms. And Sophie is very attached to both of them. In an interview during her guest at Verissimo, Sophie spoke of a moment that greatly destabilized the young woman and her mother. Mom Valeria was attacked by her former partner. Sophie said she felt guilty for not being able to defend her. Since that time, Sophie has been so afraid of losing her.

“I’ve seen you fight battles that anyone would have called impossible. I saw you win those battles “

She is very attached to her mother Sophie. It is her rock and her greatest love. To mother Valeria, the sweet Sophie with shining eyes and with great admiration has dedicated very sweet words.

“I saw you tenacious in defending your values ​​and I soon understood that they would be mine too. I saw you dry your tears quickly when I first asked you what love is and then I added that to me love is you. I saw you looking at me with the adoring eyes of someone who is admiring a hero who really exists. I have seen you repeat to me in life that you cannot do everything, but I have also seen you work hard to be able to give it to me, that everything. I see you exactly like that. I love you.”

mom sophie codegoni
Credits: Instagram

Here they are together, mother and daughter, don’t you find them splendid?