Have you ever seen the home of Marcell Jacobs and Nicole Daza? The ‘particular’ collection will amaze you

Have you ever seen the home of Marcell Jacobs and Nicole Daza? The ‘particular’ collection will amaze you; this is where the Olympic champion lives.

Marcell Jacobs and Nicole Daza they opened the doors of theirs wonderful home. The second episode of MTV Cribs Italia, broadcast on February 23, was dedicated to the Olympic champion, who showed all the secrets of his home.

Have you ever seen the home of Marcell Jacobs and Nicole Daza? The ‘particular’ collection will amaze you (credits Instagram)

Marcell lives in Rome with his wife Nicole Daza and their children, in a home that reflects his lifestyle. Elegant and super modern, the walls are filled with paintings that remind him of his sporting achievements. And, under the bed, one hides collection that will leave you speechless! Let’s discover some corners of the sample’s house.

Marcell Jacobs and Nicole Daza, where they live: here is the Roman home of the Olympic champion

The tour of Marcell and Nicole’s home begins in the bedroom. The room where the champion recharges his energies, admiring the painting that portrays him with the Tokyo 2020 gold medal. He has decided to place it in front of the bed to charge himself every day, for new challenges. Parquet floor and white walls, the furniture is in shades of gray, but everyone is struck by the surprise that Marcell keeps hidden under the bed. Take a look:

marcell jacobs
The Marcell Jacobs shoe collection (Youtube credits)

Well yes, in the chest of drawers of the bed Marcell keeps his own sneakers collection! A real passion for the champion, who has one in every model and color. But it’s not the only recurring object: the Jacobs family loves paintings! The walls are full of portraits, especially those in the living room. Among the champion’s favorite paintings is this one that we show you now, given to him previously at the Tokyo Olympics:

One of the numerous paintings present at Marcell Jacobs’ home (Youtube credits)

Speaking of the living room, the room is dominated by the large gray sofa, super comfortable. It is there that Marcell loves to play video games and, as Nicole recounts, the couple relax, watching TV series, while the children play on the huge multicolor carpetwhich is located at the foot of the sofa:

The living room at Marcell and Nicole’s house (Youtube credits)

After a quick tour of the kitchen, Marcell and Nicole show one of their favorite corners of their home: the garden. This is where they spend most of their time, especially in the summer.

marcell jacobs garden
The home garden of Marcell Jacobs (Credits Youtube)

As the champion points out, it is a pleasant environment, especially when there are children, who can play and have fun outdoors. What can I say, a gold medal house! Have you ever seen the champion’s home?