Have you ever seen the husband of the splendid Claudia Ruggeri? Here is the selfie together

Claudia Ruggeri is gorgeous, but have you ever seen her husband? On social media, a selfie of them appears together: they are truly splendid.

She is one of the winning cards of Avanti another: Claudia Ruggeri! Because, let’s face it, Paolo Bonolis’ pre-evening game show is interesting and engaging, but its protagonists are not far behind.

Who is Claudia Ruggeri’s husband? Here they are together. Credits: Instagram

Anyone who has been following Avanti another for years knows very well that – in addition to Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti – there are some truly mythical characters. We do not refer to those who give the opportunity to each competitor to double the prize money present in the pidigozzo, but also to all those who are part of the “minimondo”. Among them, there is the famous and splendid doctor, whose private life we ​​recently told you about, and the beautiful Claudia Ruggeri. As the “queen” of the minimondo, the splendid Miss Claudia enchants the audience of Canale 5 every evening with her extraordinary beauty. Have you ever wondered, though, if her heart is busy? We are sure that many will have asked themselves this question. Well. Yes, Claudia Ruggeri is married! Do you know, however, who is her husband? On social media, a selfie of them has appeared together.

Who is Claudia Ruggeri’s husband? Here they are together

The beauty of Claudia Ruggeri conquers the whole audience of Canale 5, but in “real life” her heart beats for only one man: her husband! The two apparently met several years ago on a famous TV show. And, from that moment on, they never broke up again. Apparently, in fact, the two have been a steady couple for many years, yet still now they continue to have a really crazy mutual feeling. But have you ever seen it?

Claudia Ruggeri’s husband, for those who do not know, is called Marco Bruganelli and is none other than the brother of Sonia, wife of Paolo Bonolis. Sifting through Miss Claudia’s Instagram channel, we were able to track down a very recent shot of them together on Valentine’s Day. Here they are:

Claudia husband
Credits: Instagram

There is absolutely nothing to say: they are beautiful!