Have you noticed Belen Rodriguez’s nails? What do they want to ‘communicate’

A few days ago Belen Rodriguez showed off a new super trendy manicure: have you noticed her nails? What do they want to ‘communicate’

Beauty and sensuality are part of her. Belen Rodriguez, showgirl and beloved presenter is very popular on TV and also on social networks. You have recently realized the great dream of being at the helm of the conduct of one of the most followed television programs ever, Le Iene.

Have you noticed Belen Rodriguez’s nails? (Credits: Instagram)

On TV and on social media, Belen always shows itself at the top. Special outfits and dizzying looks that want to emphasize great beauty! Speaking of social media, it is on her Instagram channel, where she shows a gallery of shots that do not go unnoticed, never banal and even ‘sophisticated’. The beautiful Argentinian actually showed her new manicure in detail a few days ago. Many could not help but notice it. In terms of trends and fashions, we know that Rodriguez is always on the spot but in this case behind the manicure of the host of Le Iene, a double meaning is hidden. Let’s find out the message that Belen Rodriguez intends to communicate with yours nails.

Belen Rodriguez’s manicure is already on trend, have you noticed the showgirl’s nails?

A French manicure that has all the flavor of spring, but not only. Bright colors that light up the tips of her nails, giving tones. The nails Of Belen Rodriguez, made by the nail technician Michela May well known on social networks with the name ‘The Nail Coach’, have not gone unnoticed at all. In terms of fashion, as we have said, the showgirl does not deny herself and in this regard, a few days ago she made it known that the choice to opt for a simple and at the same time ‘particular’ manicure was due to the outfit she would have worn in the new episode aired by Le Iene.

But it doesn’t end there, because behind the vivacity of colors that Rodriguez sports on her manicure, a deeper meaning is hidden.

belen rodriguez nails
Credits: Instagram

A rainbow french manicure which recalls a fashion launched a few years ago, that of skittles nails, which at the time had depopulated. Today it seems to be coming back into fashion. But what many don’t know is that behind the idea of ​​opting for a multicolored manicure there is a message that the Argentine presenter wants to communicate. A message of peace and hope, in regards to such a sad and so strong historical period. The colors of the manicure are reminiscent of those that are part of the Peace flag.