Have you seen Lulù Selassié’s nail polish? The chosen pattern is characteristic

Lulù Selassié shows everyone his new nail polish, he has chosen a very particular pattern this time.

Lulù Selassié has announced the release of his first single. Waiting for the publication which, as she has announced, will arrive in September, she shared a video where we can listen to her singing the song Levitating which represents her very much, as she writes.

Lulù Selassié, enamel (credits: instagram)

Waiting for my first single I leave you this video here where I have fun in the studio, a place where I feel safe and where I can immerse myself in my thoughts and turn them into art “, reported in support of the post. The former competitor of the Gf Vip inside the house had not hidden her love for singing and we have heard her sing some songs several times. She is now ready to debut in the music world with her very first single.

The reality show gave her a great opportunity, to make herself known. The public followed her and grew fond of her. While she was in the house the number of followers increased and after her release it grew even more: today she is very popular. And it is precisely on her social networks that her followers are always attentive to what she shares. Lulu interacts with those who follow her, showing her everyday life. In some recent stories she has shown, for examplethe new manicure: this time, compared to a few weeks ago, he chose an even more particular fantasy.

Lulù Selassié’s nail polish: the fantasy is even more particular than the previous one

L‘we followed in the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip, where Lulù reached the final, conquering the public. Frank and sincere, she showed herself in all her facets without ever hiding. She entered her house with her sisters, Jessica and Clarissa, playing as the only competitor and only a few months later the trio was disbanded. While Clarissa was eliminated first, Lulu made it to the grand final and Jessica triumphed.

Now Lulu, who is the second child in the family, is ready to take flight just like her sisters. The former gieffina interacts with those who follow her by sharing her daily life. Often her fans surprise her by sending her gifts, flowers or presents along with cards with sweet dedications. In the last few days you have, for example, updated them showing her new manicure which is very different from the previous one. This time she has chosen an even more particular fantasy, just like she is.

lulu selassiè manicure
Lulù, new manicure (credits: instagram)

Here she is! The glaze chosen has a light shade but added a particular detail to make it even more characteristic. As is evident, there is a cherry drawn and the shape of the nails is square. It also added a bright detail. It’s hard not to notice the new manicure, simple but at the same time distinctive.