Have you seen where Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini live? There is one detail that does not go unnoticed

Have you seen where Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini live? There is that detail in their home that cannot go unnoticed and beyond.

They are one of the most beautiful couples in the show, let’s talk about Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini. In May 2021, they became husband and wife. They first crowned their dream by marrying in a civil ceremony where both appeared beautiful that day. The presenter wore a suit that was enchanting her while the swimmer had a very elegant dress.

Where they live, home (credits: instagram) only gossip

This year, exactly on May 14th, they celebrated their wedding with a religious rite. On that magical day, the former tissue showed off a dress that left everyone present speechless. She was in lace and had long embroidered sleeves. The veil was the addition that made her style unique to her. The couple have a daughter, Mia, born in 2020. Giorgia became a mother in 2008 of Sofia, born from the previous relationship. She and Filippo are really united and we can see this from the images in which they appear smiling and happy and from the stories together.

In many photos, the most attentive followers will have noticed where they live: Have you seen what their house looks like? Different angles emerge from the shots shared on social media.

Have you seen where Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini live? There is one detail that cannot go unnoticed

They got married in a civil ceremony in 2021 and on May 14, 2022 they crowned their dream of getting married in a religious ceremony: Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini have become husband and wife and they are parents of a girl, Mia, born in 2020. The former tissue had her first daughter from the previous relationship, and she was born in 2008. On social networks they often show themselves together and it is difficult not to know what they do since they have thousands of followers.

Recently, for example, you may have seen how they decorated their homes for Christmas. We showed you their beautiful tree full of lights and accessories in different colors. Furthermore, since both publish a lot on social media, in the images it is also possible to see some spaces of their home: Have you seen where they live? There are many details that cannot go unnoticed, such as this large window where you can see the spectacular panorama outside from inside.

where the couple live
Giorgia Palmas, Filippo (credits: instagram) sologossip

There is a blue color sofa located below. Surely this is the right place to relax and spend wonderful moments with your family. It would seem that the floor, at least in this room, is made of parquet, with a brown tone while the windows embrace white like the walls.

giorgia palmas house
Giorgia and filippo house (credits: instagram) sologossip

We can admire a long corridor in the second photo: the flooring has black tiles and white predominates here too. It seems that Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini’s house has simple furnishings with lots of small accessories, such as the paintings on the walls: these catch the eye, they’re really beautiful.