He admitted that he will be among the competitors of the Gf Vip: it is now official

In the course of an interview he announced that he was among the competitors of the seventh edition of the GF VIP: it is now official.

If for many the month of September means a return to the usual routine, for many others it means only one thing: the beginning of the GF VIP! The famous Canale 5 reality show will return to air starting from Monday 19 September and, as also told in one of our articles, it is ready to give the first twist.

GF Vip competitors. Credits: Instagram

The clues that Alfonso Signorini has launched on the next cast of the GF Vip have been very many in the course of these months, but none of these have never ‘spoiled’ the official competitors. Of course, a few weeks ago the name of the first Vippone who will walk through the red door was revealed, but besides this nothing more has been said. Now, more than two weeks after the start of the program, the second competitor has been announced official of the program. The landlord prefers not to say a word for the moment, but according to what we learn from the words of the person concerned on the weekly Di Più Tv. It would seem that she is one of the competitors of this edition.

Until now, his name had hardly been associated with GF Vip, but by now we really have the confirmation: he will enter the most spied house in Italy. Curious to know who we are talking about? You would never guess.

He is among the contestants of the GF VIP: now it is official

During the interviews given to newspapers or weeklies, you know, the local VIPs love to confess something unpublished or tell absurd episodes – just like it happened to a famous singer. There are those, however, who choose to ‘anticipate’ upcoming work projects, leaving everyone stunned. This is precisely what happened on the pages of the weekly Di Più Tv.

According to what we learn from his interview for the famous weekly, it would seem that a beloved Italian singer is the next competitor official of the GF VIP. As we said previously, neither the host nor the official social channel of the program have hinted at anything. The words of the beloved singer, however, leave little room for doubt. Curious to know who we are talking about?

Beloved and appreciated by all, it would seem that Wilma Goich will be among the competitors of GF VIP. We have very little information on this, but apparently the singer will walk through the red door during this edition. Just like Giovanni Ciacci, Goich also has a dramatic story behind her, which we are sure she is ready to tell without too many mints about her.

gf vip official competitors
Wilma Goich. Credits: Instagram

Needless to say, the news of Wilma Goich at the GF VIP cheered everyone up. We too, in fact, can’t wait to find out more, you?