He already worked in a restaurant, but he was the dishwasher: after Masterchef Nicola turned his life upside down!

At the time of Masterchef Nicola already worked in a restaurant but he was a dishwasher: after the program he upset his life, what he does today.

It’s really true: Masterchef is one of those programs that totally changes your life! Proof of this was not only the very young Giorgio, who at the time of his participation in the famous talent of Sky was an agricultural student and now it would seem that he does anything else, but it was really the good Nicola to confirm it!

Nicolas Masterchef 2. Credits: Youtube

When he presented himself in front of Masterchef’s kitchen for the casting, Nicola said that he already works in a bar-restaurant, but that he is the dishwasher. Therefore, the good Dragani had his work – also because at the same time as this activity, Nicola also joined that of a musician – yet his dream was only one: cooking!

In fact, the forty-one year old from Pescara dreamed of being able to work in a ‘real’ kitchen, which maybe was all his own, and he never lost an opportunity to reiterate this to the three judges. The first to realize his talent was Joe Bastianich. “You have a very strong artistic sensibility”, the ‘feared’ face of the program told him, clearly letting him understand his pass for the success phase. Going forward, then, in the talent, Nicola has also had the opportunity to be known and appreciated by Carlo Cracco and Bruno Barbieri. Are you curious what it does today?

What does Nicola do today after Masterchef? He turned his life upside down!

Unlike Regina Finocchiaro, Nicola Dragani it was one of those competitors who almost came to the end of Masterchef. Coming a step away from the final phase of the program, the very nice 41-year-old from Pescara had to abandon the kitchens of the famous talent, but not his dream of working in a real kitchen. What do we know about him now? We know very well that just under 10 years have passed since his debut on TV, but today Nicola has managed to achieve his goal? We managed to track him down on Instagram and – taking a look at his wall – we clearly understood that after the talent Nicola he completely upset her life. We don’t know exactly where you work, but looking at his photos and his dishes we can’t help but notice what a very high level of cooking is.

Unlike Andrea Marconetti, Nicola’s look has remained the same over the years. And even if there aren’t many photos showing him as he is today, it would seem that the good Dragani hasn’t changed at all over the years. Here it is:

masterchef nicola
Nicola Dragani today. Credits: Facebook

We are very happy for the professional career started by Nicola after Masterchef and we wish him a continuation full of successes.