He announced that he became a dad on his birthday: a big party for him

The beloved actor has announced that he has become a father on his birthday: double party for him, audience in raptures.

Imagine spending the birthday in the company of the family you have always dreamed of, but above all with your first child at your side, is it not an event that you will never forget in your life? This is exactly what happened to the beloved actor, who – on the day he turned his birthday – announced to his audience that he had become Pope.

We do not know when the beloved actor saw his son for the first time, the fact is that the young man wanted to announce it to his audience only on his birthday. It is precisely with a very sweet photo that portrays the baby’s hand tenderly lying around his dad’s thumb that the actor shared the joy of the moment with his supporters. It is useless to tell you, therefore, their reaction, which – as soon as they heard the wonderful news – immediately enveloped the young interpreter in a warm virtual embrace.

He became a dad, but he only announced it on his birthday: a double party for the beloved actor

If the beloved protagonist of a local TV series announced several days ago that he is becoming a father for the second time, the beloved actor revealed to his supporters that he had become one on his day birthday. As we said previously, we do not know when the happy event took place, but it can be clearly understood that the birth of her first child has completely changed her life.

Perhaps many will remember him, especially lovers of the famous TV series. We are talking about Ian Harding, the beloved Ezra Fitz of Pretty Little Liars. On his 36th birthday, the actor revealed to his supporters that he became a dad for the first time. A great party, therefore, for him, but an impressive joy for all his supporters who would never have expected such an announcement. “I am grateful for the best early birthday present a boy could wish for,” he wrote accompanying the shot.

Who is Ian’s wife?

Despite the career path he has chosen to take, Pretty Little Liars’ beloved Ezra seems to be very reserved and ‘jealous’ of his private life. On his official social channel, in fact, it is very rare to find shots in the company of his better half. Are you curious, however, to know who we are talking about?

Becoming a couple in 2011, Ian Harding got married in 2019. His better half is called Sophie Hart and she is an esteemed photographer and set designer.

Ian Harding. Credits: Instagram

We do not know when the two first became parents, but it can be clearly understood that now their life is finally complete. Happy birthday to them!