He became a dad for the first time, sweet pink bow: welcome Chiara!

He became a dad for the first time ever in recent days, a sweet pink bow for the TV personality: welcome Chiara!

Truly sensational news! And that the interested party himself did not miss an opportunity to be able to share with his audience. He became a dad for his first time! With a very sweet photograph that portrays him in the company of his splendid partner and the new arrival, the TV face has announced this happy news!

Pink bow at home: he became a dad for the first time. Photo Source: Instagram

It is useless to tell you that, as soon as they heard the news, all his admirers did not miss the opportunity to be able to show their affection! In fact, in support of the shot, there are not only many messages of congratulations and wishes, but also many likes. On the other hand, let’s face it, could you ever have a different reaction in front of such news? Absolutely not, there is no denying it! Who are we talking about? Let’s find out!

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Pink bow: he became the father of a sweet little girl, welcome Chiara

We knew his partner was pregnant and we knew perfectly well that he was going to be a dad very soon. The news of Chiara’s birth, however, equally surprised all her admirers. And it literally filled them with joy. To share this wonderful news, of course, it was the person directly concerned on his official social channel.

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It is with a very sweet post shared on his Instagram page that, a few days ago, the face of a famous TV program did not miss an opportunity to be able to communicate to his supporters that he became a father for the first time. Who are we talking about? Simple, of him: Enrico Sisty, formidable competitor of the ninth edition of Bake Off Italia!

With a very sweet photo that portrays Enrico in the company of his family, the amateur pastry chef of Bake Off has made his audience aware of this news! Congratulations from us too!

How did the Bake Off course turn out?

Enrico took part, therefore, in the ninth edition of Bake Off, but do you know how his journey ended? Perhaps not everyone knows, but in the episode of Friday 26 November Enrico was eliminated.

pink ribbon
Photo Source: Instagram

The elimination from Bake Off matters little, now Enrico is living one of the best times of his life. Still many good wishes from all of us!