“He called us crying”: Men and Women, bad unexpected for the couple

Bad unexpected for the couple: the former tronista of Men and women and his partner would never have expected it, what happened.

They are about to become parents for the first time ever, yet the former tronista of Men and Women and his very young partner have been caught by a bad unexpected. The very young influencer on her official social channel explained everything that happened very close to the birth.

Unexpected ugly couple. Credits: Instagram

According to what we learn from the story of the very young influencer, it would seem that the birth of her first child is very little missing – just like a former suitor of Men and women expecting her first child. Despite these last few days of emotion and joy, however, it would seem that the couple are not having an easy time. To upset their mood, in fact, was the bad unexpected from which they were unexpectedly caught.

Bad unexpected a few days after giving birth: what happened to the couple

It is very close to the birth of their first child, yet the couple cannot fully enjoy this last moments of pregnancy. As told on Instagram by the young woman, it would seem that the two guys were caught by a bad unexpected. Don’t worry: the girl is fine, the girl too, and all their admirers can’t wait to meet him. However, what has happened is equally unpleasant, which will no doubt have upset them. Let’s talk about them: Fabio Colloricchio, former suitor and tronista of Men and women, and Violeta Mangrinan. What happened?

According to what we learn from the story of the beautiful Violeta, it would seem that – for the birth of little Gala – Fabio has to do without his mother. Remember when – at the time of men and women – the former tronista did not hide at all that he had a moment relationship with her and always wanted her by her side in the crucial moments of her life? Well. This time, unfortunately, she will not be able to count on her support! From what we read on IG, in fact, it would seem that both the woman and her husband cannot leave due to Covid. Apparently, she has managed to negativize herself, but her spouse has not yet. And, even if it is asymptomatic, you must respect the quarantine. A very unpleasant news for the couple, as it can be clearly understood, that they hoped so much to celebrate the arrival of Gala – this is the name of the little chosen – than the birthday of the woman.

Do you know how they met?

They love each other madly and can’t wait to become parents, but how did Fabio and Violeta meet? Maybe not everyone knows it, but the two fell in love on the beach of L’Isola dei Familia and they never left each other again. From that moment on, everything has happened! From the confession of the betrayal to screaming gifts and incredible revelations, the couple did not miss anything!

nasty unexpected couple
Violeta and Fabio Instagram. Credits: Instagram

Happy birthday to the couple for the arrival of Gala!