He came out on TV in front of his mother: “I fall in love with people”

He came out on TV in front of his mother in the famous show: “I fall in love with people”.

I fall in love with people“, That’s how she decided to explain to her mom on television that she doesn’t choose who to love and she doesn’t choose to love a person based on sex. Love is not mechanical and it is not reasonable, it is precisely for this reason that it is said that ‘for love we go crazy’, and it is true.

Coming out (credits: rai play)

You certainly cannot choose who to love, we must have the freedom to do so without the fear of being labeled and judged. If two people of the same sex love each other what is the problem? We are in such an advanced society and even today many are afraid to express their feelings. But apparently this was not the case for the protagonist of this article. He has decided once and for all to tell his mom, on television and in front of everyone, who falls in love with people and doesn’t do it based on sex.

He came out on TV in front of his mother: “I fall in love with people not based on sex”

He said it on television in front of his mom, he opened up and tried to explain to her that he doesn’t label himself, he falls in love with people and doesn’t love based on sex: “I don’t know if he understood it, I fall in love with the person and not with the sex. I think that love is freedom, everyone can love whoever they want ”.

It is with these words that Alessandro Romano, famous tik toker wanted to fully open up to his mother. He did it on television in the Imperfect Strangers program. The format broadcast on Rai 3 and conducted by Cesare Bocci, compares the ‘boomers’, i.e. parents, on the one hand, and adolescent children on the other. Many of the guys who are in the program are already well known on social networks, as is Alessandro, where he has more than a million followers on TikTok. The young man questioned by the conductor tried to explain to his mother that she was in front of him, on the other side, not to choose who to love and not to label oneself.

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Confession on TV (credits: rai play)

He said that very often he had introduced the topic but the woman had left unpleasant comments, leading him to close even more: “I don’t feel understood by her. I am of the opinion that love is freedom. I have suffered so much because there have been so many times in which my mother and I have mentioned the subject and she has always made unpleasant comments “. The young man confessed to having discovered a side of him that perhaps he had hidden but which represents him. He never told his mother for fear of her reaction but now, on television, he did it and despite the fear, he had great courage.

Alessandro’s mother then explained that the estrangement from her son took place following his separation which led to many consequences, even at this distance with the children; she then concluded by turning to him: “I want to tell him that he has to be himself and that’s it.”