“He can go with other women”: famous person talks about her husband like this

“He can go with other women”: the famous character talks about her husband and tells about their relationship.

He said it on live TV. She told her about her marriage to a wealthy businessman explaining what their relationship really is like. Apparently free love returns to the center of public attention. The famous character told of her husband living about 6 months a year.

Talk about her husband (credits: instagram)

If the man goes with other women it is not betrayal if she is aware of what is going on and knows everything. The same thing, she explains, goes for herself: “My husband and I are very clear, we are transparent. If he wants to have fun he has fun, if I want to have fun I have fun “, he confessed.

“He can go with other women”: a famous person talks about her marriage and her husband like this

Speaking about her marriage to a wealthy businessman living in the United States, she confessed that they usually only see each other 6 months of the year. Theirs is a very free relationship, if he wants to have fun she can do it very quietly and the same is true for herself, she said.

During an episode of the GF Vip the speech e was addressed Sofia Giale De Donà explained everything. Speech he had already confided in the week talking to the other competitors: “They make me laugh when they judge my marriage which may be explicit. We say things to our faces “, has explained. The young competitor has in fact said that if he wants to go or goes with other people it is not betrayal if she knows it and the same goes for her: “I prefer a relationship like ours, where we tell each other things, we do them. He can go with others, for me it is not betrayal if I know. If there are no feelings, that’s fine for me “.

Giaele today is a competitor of the GF Vip but her first appearance on television dates back to the reality show Ti spedisco in convent. Later we saw her at Scherzi a parte, where she was part of the cast for the joke of which the victim was Sonia Bruganelli. Now she is in her house and is making a lot of talk about her. First of all, she immediately showed that she was straightforward and strong enough. She then ended up in the center of public attention when she told about her free marriage. In her house they hurled themselves against her. Some contestants have claimed that she is with her husband only for money.

husband character
Character speaks husband (credits: instagram)

Carolina Marconi, for example, said she does not accept the fact that her man can go with other people, because it means that there is no love. Others, on the other hand, explained that the choice is Jael’s and one should not judge. The same competitor was happy to live an open marriage.