“He destroyed me”: after the GF Vip he didn’t work for two years

Your experience at GF Vip was by no means devoid of emotions and twists, but what happened to your career afterwards?

He participated a few years ago in one of the editions of the Big Brother dedicated to well-known personalities and in those months spent in the most spied-on house in Italy, everything happened to her. In fact, she found new friendships and an unexpected liason that caused a sensation due to the age difference that separated the two.

Confession of former competitor GF Vip (Credits: Facebook)

At the weekly Woman, the former protagonist of the Canale 5 reality show took stock of the situation, almost four years after his participation. Let’s start by saying that today there is no relationship between those born with some roommates: “I would not speak of malice, but I was disappointed to realize that the people with whom I had bonded, outside proved to be completely different”, she says. without compromise.

He makes no secret of the reason that led her to accept such an adventure: “It intrigued me as a social experiment and above all because they paid me”, she admits. Leaving the famous red door, however, it seems that having made the GF Vip has damaged her career which has been stopped for two years. Let’s see who it is!

Two years without working after the GF Vip: unexpected confession

As anticipated in the house she also found love with a much younger boy: “I lost my mind. I needed something that was given to me there, ”she says. In fact, for her it was a strong crush, such as to push her to question the bond with her partner.

You will certainly have guessed that we are talking about Jane Alexanderformer ‘vippona’ of GF Vip 3edition won by Walter Nudo. Between her and the former velino of Striscia la Notizia Elia Fongaro was born a relationship that caused a lot of discussion and of which today it would seem almost repentant. “When you lose your mind, you just follow your instincts and you make mistakes. I realized that when you lose your mind you shouldn’t do anything. Remain still, immobile ”, reveals the actress a Woman. After the end of their story, it seems that the relations between the two are not the best: “I don’t feel it anymore. I don’t want to talk about him, he’s not interesting ”.

Beyond the economic aspect, the former face of Elisa di Rivombrosa admits that everyone should experience Big Brother at least once in their life: “The only place in the world where you are not in the world. Protected from all the problems and annoyances that are outside ”.

However, he does not deny that his career has suffered unpleasant consequences: “If it weren’t for the fact that it destroyed me as an actress, since I have not worked for two years. For the rest I would go back tomorrow, immediately ”.

after the GF Vip
Former contestant GF Vip revelation (Credits: Instagram)

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