He did it again, Carola de Moras showed a new facet in networks and surprised everyone

The 42-year-old osornina left her followers stunned by the skill she showed in an Instagram video, to the rhythm of “Danger twins”. As she herself explained in the text with which she accompanied the audiovisual material, Carola found that the corridor was boring and she wanted to give it a touch, after not finding someone to help her in her task.

“When you combine everything, desire, time and patience… after thinking about it a lot because I found that that corridor was very dull and looked without style.
I looked for someone to do it and it didn’t go well for me, so I ventured out alone and it was quite easy, but hard ??…(from Friday to Monday) but I loved the result ??????.
To you ???… Anyone who wants tips, let me know or ask !!!”

In the images you can see her measuring, cutting sticks, taking new measurements, gluing, painting, cutting more sticks and so on, for a couple of days (it shows on her clothes).

The feat was applauded by other personalities such as the dancer Isabella Sobarzothe entertainer and husband of Bolocco Diana, Christian Sanchez or the very entertainer and singer lucho jara since the result was truly spectacular. The finish was very fine and also showed innovative tools such as “guide lines” for life that are actually a level of green laser light. Carola gave the tip that she bought it “through Mercado Libre and there are different prices.”

Since the record was so commented, Carola later uploaded some reels in which she answered her followers’ questions about construction tips, such as the brand of the cutting tool or what the green light issue is called.

Carola de Moras, like a chasquilla teacher, put all her talent at the disposal of a work for which she has virtuous hands.