He did the Vite alimit route with his wife: before, it weighed almost 300 kg, how is it today? To be left speechless

He participated in Vite al Limite with his wife: before he weighed 300 kg, today is he really unrecognizable? To be amazed!

He was by no means alone when he chose to attend Lives to the Limit! As well as many other protagonists we have talked about extensively, he too took part in the famous Real Time program in the company of his wife!

At Vite al Limite with his wife, how has it become today? Photo Source: Youtube

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Weighing nearly 300kg, the Chicago couple decided to seek help from Dr. Nowzaradan and his foolproof way to get back in shape. Husband and wife, albeit with two literally different stories behind them, weighed 600 kg. And they both felt the need to change their lives. Another day, maybe, we will tell you about her and her story. Now, instead, let’s focus on him: her husband! We were able to track him down on social media. And, we assure you, the transformation that began in the clinic but continued once the spotlight was off was truly formidable. To date, man looks totally different than before. Are you ready to see everything in detail? We think about it immediately.

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At Vite al Limite with his wife: do you know how it has become today?

Both he and his wife, therefore, they had a desperate need to get back in shape. Exactly 563 kg in two, but respectively almost 300, the couple created a rather sensational journey to the clinic. We are talking about the story of Vianey Rodriguez and Allen Lewis, protagonists of the eighth season of Lives to the Limit. What happened, though, once the spotlights were turned off? And, in particular, how they have changed!

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We were able to track down the couple on Facebook. And we can tell you that we were literally speechless when we saw their change with our own eyes. Let’s find out Allen’s together, though! From a maximum of nearly 300 kg, young Lewis completed his journey to the clinic with less than 123 kg. But not only. Taking a look at his profile, we found that he appears to have lost even more weight once the spotlights are turned off. And these before and after images confirm it. Look a bit:

Vite al Limite wife
Photo Source: Facebook

We don’t know how many more pounds she lost, but we can’t help but how incredible her transformation in and out of the clinic was. Do you agree?