He doesn’t like that part of the body: so Madonna gives herself a birthday present

He doesn’t like that part of his body: Madonna has given herself a very special birthday present.

Madonna for her 64th birthday decided to celebrate in Italy. A few days ago she arrived in our country where she gave herself a holiday for the big event. The place chosen to celebrate and spend a few days with friends and relatives is Sicily, exactly in Noto.

Madonna, birthday present (credits: youtube)

It is not the first time that the star has chosen the Italian peninsula to start her birthday, last year it was like this too but she chose a different region, Puglia. This time she has decided to change and to spend these days in Noto, which apparently is the place chosen by many celebrities from the world of entertainment. The party took place in the light of the moon, where the fun was not lacking.

For his birthday the artist has decided to give himself a different gift than usual, not what everyone expects. He doesn’t like a part of the body and that’s why he chose to ‘improve’ it just like this.

Madonna has given herself an original birthday present: she doesn’t like that part of her body and has improved it like that

On August 16, Madonna celebrated her birthday. Unlike last year who organized the event in Puglia, this year he opted for a different location but always in our country. In fact, the star has landed in Noto, a place chosen by many celebrities to celebrate events or occasions and spend the holidays.

She too has chosen to celebrate her 64th birthday in Sicily. She organized an exclusive party with friends and relatives between toasts and fun. A few days earlier she was a guest on the famous Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon program to promote the new album, Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones, and here she talked not only about the album out on August 19th but also about much more. But something in her look caught the presenter’s attention that she couldn’t help but ask. The star added a detail to her style that she revealed was a gift for her birthday. But what is it about?

madonna gift
Madonna, birthday present (credits: youtube)

She showed up with jewelry on her teeth, a fashion that she herself started several years ago. She showed off the grillz, a fairly bright grill. She then explained to the host that she doesn’t like her teeth: “I like the effect of jewels in my mouth and then I have really bad teeth”, he told. This is her birthday present, as she herself said. Madonna always manages to amaze her millions of fans in terms of looks and this time she did it again by showing herself with her sparkling grillz.