He drew applause, Ignacia Michelson clarifies that his relationship with Marcianeke is not out of interest

The Chilean influencer, Ignacia Michelson, has won the hearts of thousands of fans on social networks. Recently, the DJ shouted from the rooftops about her relationship with the urban artist marcianeke, but it seems that there are people who are not very happy with their happiness. A hater commented on Michelson’s Instagram post, asking him if he had bought her clothes with the singer’s money.

But, far from remaining silent, Michelson responded forcefully: “My life, the one with the money, has to be me. Believe me, if I was with someone out of interest, things would be different! You can tell he doesn’t know anything.”.

Michelson’s response has been celebrated by his fans, who were quick to express their support in the comments section. Many highlighted the influencer’s independence and economic success, ensuring that she has always been a self-sufficient woman.

A netizen responded to the misplaced comment by saying: “What’s up with this guy! Michelson is a boss! She’s always had her thing, she doesn’t need anyone! What’s wrong with you.”

While another person said “The Michelson is a patron! She has always had her thing and she doesn’t need anyone!”

“Sweetheart, when you were watching Cachureos la Nacha already had an Audi R8 parked at your house”, “sir, situate yourself and do not interfere in the lives of the rest, and if so, what is the problem if it does not come out of your pocket, it is Deserves everything beautiful this goat!
Live and let live!” were some of the replies from his followers.

The influencer, who has been at the center of public attention since her participation in television programs, has once again shown that she will not tolerate hurtful and false comments. Also, her answer makes it clear that her love for Marcianeke has nothing to do with her popularity and her money.

Despite the criticism, Michelson has not stopped posting photos on Instagram, where he shares his daily life and his professional achievements. On this occasion, he published a heart-stopping photo on his account, which left no one indifferent. “My wings are eternal, the good thing is that I put them on or take them off, depending on which mortal approaches me”, he wrote in the caption of the image.