He found love again, the first couple photo enchants everyone: wonderful surprise news

He has finally found love again, the first couple photo on social media has enchanted all his supporters: magnificent surprise news.

A truly magical moment, the one that the protagonist of this article is experiencing. A few days ago, through a post shared on her official social page, the very young girl could not help but share with her audience that she finally had found love. A news as splendid as it is surprising, then. And which, as it should be, has made all its supporters mad with joy.

He found love again: the first couple photo. Photo Source: Instagram

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Who are we talking about? Well. The protagonist of our words is a former face of Italian television, who a few years ago decided to take part in a famous program to get involved and try to find love. We refer precisely to Men and Women. It was exactly 2017 when, for the first time ever, the very young girl decided to go down the stairs to woo the tronista of the time. How did your journey turn out? Unfortunately, not good! In the end, in fact, the young man made his choice fall on his other suitor. Years later, however, the ‘non-choice’ has found love again. And he can’t help but share his joy with his audience.

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He found love again, explosion of joy among his fans: what a surprise!

Years after her participation in the program and the disappointment of not having been the choice, the former suitor of Men and women has finally found love. To announce it and share it with its audience, it is the direct interested party on its social channel.

A few days ago, through a post shared on her official Instagram page, the former suitor of Men and Women and, to date, a beloved influencer, shared the first couple photo with her to make her followers participate in this fantastic news . We are talking about her: Giulia Latini, former suitor of Luca Onestini. We don’t have a lot of news, mind you. Better to say, we don’t know how long Giulia and her boyfriend have been a couple. One thing, however, is certain: they seem to be quite close-knit. So much so that Latini is also ready to make it known to her friend Nilufar.

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found love
Photo Source: Instagram

We wish Giulia and her partner a lot of happiness.