He found Maria De Filippi after several years: the singer is now famous

In Repubblica, the famous singer recounts the emotions experienced when, a few months ago, she saw Maria De Filippi again after years.

If there is one thing that sets it apart Maria De Filippi it is the love for young people that has always encouraged us to believe in their abilities and their dreams. And, thanks to his historic talent show, Friendsthere are many guys who have had this opportunity.

He met Maria De Filippi again (Credits: Witty Tv)

For many it was a real breakthrough that changed their lives forever: Alessandra AmorosoEmma Marrone, Stefano De Martino, Sangiovanni, Stash, Giulia… the list is very long! Especially in recent months we have often heard of another artist who a few years ago sat right among the desks of the most famous school in Italy.

There has been a lot of talk about her for a summer catchphrase that she launched together with two other colleagues much loved by the public and this year she returned to Friends as a guest to perform in a duet with another great singer. An occasion that made her relive special emotions and brought back many memories. You talked about it in an interview with Republicdo you understand who it is?

The well-known singer tells how it was to see Maria De Filippi again

The artist who in this period has enjoyed great success with a song that has depopulated in the music charts is Mara Satteiformer student of Friends 13, whose real name at the registry office is Sara Mattei. In fact, in the program she still called herself that. Together with Fedez and Tananai, the singer helped make de The sweet life a real hit that has been the background to many moments of this summer 2022.

“Fedez contacted me to let me hear the piece, we had never collaborated, but there was mutual respect. So we met and a beautiful harmony was also created with the boys ”, the talented 27-year-old told the famous magazine.

As anticipated, during the latest edition of Friends aired, Mara was a guest in an episode for a duet with Giorgia in the song Brackets and in the interview she revealed what it felt like to return to the same studio that was her home for a while. She had just turned 18 and it was his first experience in such an important context.

“Seeing those places made a great impression on me. Also find Maria and give her my record: at the time I was an 18-year-old girl, now she too will have seen a different person ”, she said. Although it only reached 14th place in the rankings, that adventure meant a lot to her: “I didn’t really have a focus on what I wanted to do, but it gave me a first taste of what it meant to be in music”.

singer Maria De Filippi
Singer Maria De Filippi story of emotions (Credits: Instagram)

And do you remember Mara Sattei’s journey in the famous Canale 5 school?