He had a serious accident: the car completely overturned

He had a serious and dangerous accident that threw him off the road: the car completely overturned, as it is now!

The news shocked everyone, including his former partner, current partner and family. Because of the high speed achieved with your car, a powerful displacement SUV, you are crashed into a post office box ending up overturning the car.

Serious accident, overturned car (Credits: Instagram)

There dynamics of the accident was reported by the gossip site of the place that reported the shot that portrays her overturned car. The impact seems to have been quite violent, as evidenced by the shots reported by the local site. But how are you now? What are its conditions? Let’s find out more!

A dangerous accident throws him off the road and the car overturns, as it is now

AND’ Scott DisickL’former partner of Kourthney Kardashian to have been the victim of the serious accident. Because of dangerous accident, his car completely overturned. To bring back the unpublished shot, it was the TMZ website who described the dynamics of the incident in which the ex of Kardashian was involved.

We have heard of him in particular for the love story he had with Kourthney Kardashian with whom he would have had three children. A love story that however culminated in a stalemate, because the two, after the separation in 2015, took different paths, at least from a sentimental point of view. In fact, Kim Kardashian’s sister got married a few months ago. Today, Scott Disick would in fact be engaged with a young model and together the two would have appeared publicly at the Premiere of the new season of The Kardashian, a series in which, among other things, he too took part, encountering a huge uproar in the public!

He was aboard his Lamborghini SUV, in Calabasas in Los Angels, when due to the high speed at which it was proceeding, he would lose control of the car and crash into a stone-built post house. The impact caused the man’s machine to overturn completely. No, it was not a question of driving under the influence of alcohol, it is certain that the speed achieved with his powerful displacement SUV led the man to impact against the post office, making him lose control of the car. Fortunately, he was alone at the time of the accident and would not involve pedestrians on the street. But what are his conditions?

overturned car accident
Scott Disick, accident: car overturned (Credits: Instagram)

To report his physical condition is always the TMZ site which has made it known that fortunately the man, who was involved in the accident, did not report damage or serious injuries. Scott Disick reportedly suffered a head cut from the accident. However, the man allegedly refused medical treatment.