He had heart failure on the set of his latest film: great concern

Great concern for the well-known character, while he was on the set to shoot his latest film he suffered from heart failure; how are you now? The brother speaks

He was in Bologne to record his latest film, but an illness sent him away from the set due to heart failure. What are the health conditions of the well-known character?

He has heart failure on set (Credits: Youtube)

A face known to the public. Not because he took on the role of an actor but because of actors on the stage to interpret his stories, he brought them to us. The well-known director, screenwriter and writer Pupi Avati he is in fact a respected and much loved character on stage and behind the scenes of it.

One of his penultimate successes was, Dante, a film staged and starring Sergio Castellitto as the ‘narrator’ of the story, who gives voice to Boccaccio who spins the strings. The film, Dante, is precisely inspired by the life of the author of the Divine Comedy narrated in Dante’s Trattatello in Laude written by Giovanni Boccaccio. History obviously fascinated the great lovers of literature. We could not help but be spectators of the narration on the scene of one of the cornerstones of Italian literature. And after the film’s release on the big screen, which took place in September 2022, the well-known director was already dedicating himself to shooting a new film, apparently the last of his famous career. But while he was on the set to devote himself to the filming of the various scenes, Pupi Avati accused an illness. For this reason he was immediately transferred to the Sant’Orsola Polyclinic in Bologna to receive the best care. The diagnosis arrived is that of one heart failure. But how are you now? What are the conditions of the well-known director?

Pupi Avati had heart failure on set: how is he now

It was his brother Antonio who made known the health conditions of Pupi Avati directly to Corriere della Sera and made it known that the director will be discharged and will return home in the coming days.

And so, on the threshold of his 84 years, which turned only yesterday, Pupi Avati is already looking forward to returning to the set to continue shooting the film, right from where he was missing.

heart failure
Pupi Avati, heart failure (Credits: Youtube)

So what should we expect from the new film? There is a lot of curiosity and expectation, but at the moment no details are known. What is certain is that the film Dante, which made its cinema debut just 2 months ago, has been and is enjoying enormous success.

Have you already seen this splendid film?