“He had very dirty hair, it made me sick”: heavy accusations rained down in the house of the GF Vip

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“He had very dirty hair, it made me sick”: heavy accusations rained down on a competitor in the house of the GF Vip.

There have been obstacles in these first months of the seventh edition of the GF Vip. The latest is represented by Covid, which entered the Cinecittà house for the first time, affecting several contestants in the reality show, currently locked up in hotels in solitary confinement.

House of the GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Despite the ‘unforeseen events’, however, the life of the Vipponi at home continues and there is no shortage of discussions. Forced coexistence creates misunderstandings and disagreements, but there are also those who talk about the competitors behind them. It happened in the past few hours, when a competitor let herself go to gods not exactly positive comments against one of her roommates, whom she accused of poor personal hygiene. Following the words of him.

GF Vip, the accusation against the competitor: “When I was combing her hair, she had very dirty hair”

The early farewell of several competitors forced the production of the GF Vip to run for cover, immediately bringing six new Vipponi into the game. Which have literally upset the balance of the house, creating new and interesting dynamics. And, speaking of new entries, one of the new contestants ended up in the crosshairs of another, who had not exactly nice words for her.

In particular, the contestant criticized the cleanliness of her roommate, guilty, according to her, of not washing frequently. Talking is Oriana Marzoli, the Venezuelan influencer who entered like a real volcano in the most spied on TV house. Outspoken, Oriana asked Edoardo Donnamaria how she managed in the past to have an affair with Micol Incorvaia: “How were you with that girlto? The other day when I was combing her hair, her hair was very dirty. It disgusted me, I told Antonino as well. Have you ever noticed it? I told her the other day but when you washed your hair, did you wash these days?”.

Strong accusations, to which Edoardo replied: “I’ve never combed her hair, I don’t comb people’s hair”. Fiordelisi joined the conversation, who instead criticized the former flame of her current boyfriend for another aspect: “You don’t wear heels, you don’t like makeup, but they showed me your Instagram profile, all modified, all made up, all face dressed and then you say you don’t like the makeup, you don’t like the modifications, the heels and showing off?”

dirty hair gf vip
Oriana, Antonella and Edoardo ( Credits Twitter)

In short, it seems that Clizia Incorvaia’s sister is not really liked by everyone in the house of the GF Vip. And you, what do you think of her entry into Alfonso Signorini’s reality show?