He has almost 2000 posts on Instagram, but do you know what his first one was? It was the year 2016: very sweet!

On Instagram, Giulia De Lellis has almost 2000 posts, but do you know which was the first published? It was exactly the year 2016, how sweet!

She is the real Instagram star, Giulia De Lellis! Made known by all the Italian public during her participation in Men and Women, the very young Roman has been able to collect an impressive success from the first minute. Since that moment, exactly 6 years have passed, and yet the beautiful Giulia not only continues to be very much loved, but also continues to be a rather in vogue character.

What was Giulia De Lellis’ first Instagram post? Photo Source: Instagram

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Successful influencer, Giulia De Lellis boasts of a rather rich Instagram profile. And, let’s be clear, we don’t just refer only to the number of followers, which is truly incredible, but also to that of the posts that the former suitor of Men and Women shares. To date, the splendid De Lellis has almost 2000 posts. And, we assure you, there are really several. Whether in the company of her family, her partner or even the protagonists of amazing shooting, Giulia never misses an opportunity to be able to share everything with her audience. But have you ever wondered what the first post shared? If you are curious, we will take care of telling you everything.

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What was the first Instagram post shared by Giulia De Lellis? Sweet shot!

He never misses an opportunity to share everything with his beloved social audience, Giulia De Lellis. Very active and, above all, dedicated to making her supporters participate in her life, the Roman influence boasts an Instagram profile full of supporters, but also of posts. Currently, you think, there are more than 1700, but we are sure that, in the coming days, they will increase more and more.

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Have you ever wondered, however, what was the first post that Giulia De Lellis shared on Instagram? Well: we managed to track him down! It was a ‘grind’, we assure you, but we did it! His first photo, mind you, dates back to exactly 2016. And it is this:

first post Instagram De Lellis
Photo Source: Instagram

A few days later, Giulia De Lellis shared another photo in the company of her brother Giuseppe. Here they are together:

first post Instagram De Lellis
Photo Source: Instagram

They are really sweet together, right?