He has already left his mark in the house of GF Vip, but what does Alberto De Pisis do?

Alberto De Pisis is among the competitors of the GF Vip, but are you curious to know what he does? The occupation of him in real life.

There are really several competitors who have entered the home of the GF Vip during the first episode of this seventh edition, but no one has been able to capture the attention as Alberto De Pisis. Not at all unknown to the entertainment world, the young influencer has had the spotlight on himself due to his incredible charm.

If the first gaffe made by Sara Manfuso has absolutely not gone unnoticed, not even Alberto De Pisis it was outdone. To the Canale 5 audience, the very young influencer made himself known several years ago when, after sharing a photo in the company of the splendid Taylor Mega, he was called by Barbara D’Urso about the nature of their relationship. Since that first appearance, the following of the very young De Pisis has increased exponentially. Very active on his official social channel, the good Alberto is preparing to leave his mark in the house of the GF Vip. Are you curious, however, to know what it does?

What does Alberto De Pisis, a young competitor of GF Vip, do

Never like this year, Alfonso Signorini has focused little on ‘billboard’ names, but so much on those personalities who can give so much to reality TV. On the other hand, it was the person directly concerned who revealed the reason for choosing him to the weekly ‘Chi’. Among the various ‘youthful’ faces of this seventh edition of the reality show, there is him: Alberto De Pisis.

The famous influencer entered the house of the GF Vip during the first episode and immediately caught attention on himself. Because? The reason is quite simple: in addition to his charm, Alberto has clearly shown that he has very clear ideas. And this aspect of his character, given his very young age, absolutely cannot fail to go unnoticed. Are you curious, however, to know what the good De Pisis deals with in life?

Before entering the house of GF Vip, Cristina Quaranta – of which we have recently shown you the change from the time of Non è la Rai to today – said she had changed her life and closed the spotlight. To date, in fact, the former beloved showgirl works in a Roman restaurant. What do we know, however, of Alberto De Pisis’ work? In addition to being a fashion expert, gossip expert and columnist, the official website of Big Brother Vip describes the influencer as an entrepreneur.

Alberto at GF Vip. Credits: Instagram
gf vip de pisis
Alberto De Pisis. Credits: Instagram

What will become of Alberto inside the GF Vip house? It would seem that the young De Pisis has set his sights on Luca Salatino, who is engaged in everyday life. In your opinion, will a good friendship be born between them?