“He has been my partner for 19 years”: Alfonso Signorini sheds light on his private life

Alfonso Signorini is finally luca on his private life: do you know who his partner has been for 19 years? Let’s discover his identity together.

Said, done: after the end of the sixth edition of GF Vip, Alfonso Signorini it has completely disappeared from our small screen. The commitment with the reality show was so intense that its host felt it was necessary to pull the plug from the spotlight a bit. Let me be clear, however: he is not at all hands in the hands! In addition to his commitment as director of Chi, the good Signorini is recharging the batteries for the seventh edition of GF Vip, which will start regularly in September.

Who is Alfonso Signorini’s partner? Credits: Instagram

Journalist and columnist, for several years Alfonso Signorini has also been making himself known as a conductor. Of course, in the past he had already had the opportunity to conduct a program all of his own, enjoying impressive success, but it is only with Big Brother Vip that the good Alfonso has confirmed what he’s made of. Have you ever wondered, however, something more about his private life? Professionally, we really know everything, but what about his sentimental status? Maybe not everyone knows, but the conductor has a company for 19 years. Really sensational, right? Let’s find out who we are talking about.

Who is Alfonso Signorini’s partner: what we know

He doesn’t love talking about himself so much, but when he does Alfonso Signorini really displaces everyone. During an interview with Verissimo, the famous and beloved conductor shed light on his private life. Until recently, in fact, he really knew very little, but now the journalist and editor of one of the most famous Italian weeklies has clarified his sentimental status of him. Although very little is known about his comrade, Alfonso Signorini has had a shoulder to rely on and cry for about 19 years. We don’t know how they met, but what we can’t help but tell you about is how it is clearly perceived that theirs is a unique love.

Apparently, it would seem that Alfonso Signorini and Paolo Galimberti – this is the name of his partner – live in two completely different houses. Despite this, however, they always feel the need to be together and find each other again. In short, a love of other times!

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Credits: Instagram

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