He has decided: he will broadcast the birth in a series that will be broadcast on TV

The TV personality has decided that he wants to broadcast his birth in a series that will be broadcast on TV: the decision is completely unexpected.

She is pregnant with her first daughter, but on the occasion of the birth she has chosen to make a completely unexpected decision: to pass on childbirth in a series which will air on the small screen.

Resounding decision. Credits: Instagram

We have seen so many sensational decisions! How can we forget, for example, the famous influencer who revealed that she wanted to use her own placenta as a fertilizer. Really amazing, right? Even what the famous TV face has chosen, however, is not far behind! According to what is learned from some social responses of her, it would seem that the future mother intends to leave all her audience speechless by showing her birth on TV. On the web, in fact, we read that the young woman is currently ‘monitoring’ and telling about her pregnancy for a TV series that will soon be broadcast on the small screen. So far so good, we would dare to say! How many women, in fact, choose to tell the 9 months spent with their baby in the belly on social media? Definitely a lot! What, however, is most astonishing is that the girl also intends to show her birth in this TV series! Ready to find out more?

She will broadcast the birth in a TV series: sensational decision

Last April she announced that she was pregnant for the first time and some time later she revealed the sex of her first baby, but now another sensational news is coming: it will broadcast childbirth in a TV series. To reveal everything in the smallest detail, it was the direct interested party on her official social channel. According to what is learned, in fact, it would seem that the young woman is currently recording the TV series, telling about her pregnancy and her new life, but that she intends to reveal everything that will happen at the time of the birth of her first daughter. .

Having become popular thanks to a famous TV program, the very young woman began to ride the wave of success right away. And today she is truly loved! We are talking about her: Charlotte Crosby, the beloved face of Geordie Shore. To date, young Charlotte has totally changed her life. Although it continues to be very active on social media, Crosby has created its own clothing line, enjoying truly impressive success. Apparently, however, it would seem that the birth of her first child could make her return to TV. On the BBC channel, in fact, a TV series will be broadcast in the coming months that highlights her entire pregnancy.

childbirth tv series
Charlotte Crosby. Credits: Instagram

What do you think of this decision of Charlotte? Would you have made this same decision too?