“He has no talent”: heavy criticism for Chiara Ferragni comes from her

The images recently posted by Chiara Ferragni trigger yet another controversy and on TV someone makes a very harsh criticism of the influencer.

Always able to catalyze the attention of social media, newspapers and TV, Chiara Ferragni has recently been the protagonist of some ‘slip’ for some content posted on her Instagram profile. Last time even her mother had intervened, Marina Di Guardowho had not at all approved the gesture of his daughter and son-in-law.

Chiara Ferragni in the storm (Credits: Instagram)

The famous influencer and her husband Fedez had in fact immortalized themselves in videos and photos after getting on a very high rock in Ibiza and many had judged the undertaking too reckless and a bad example. Now, Chiara is over again at the center of the controversy for another matter.

The recent images of her with friends while she does an aperitif on a glacier in Switzerland have made many turn up their noses. The protagonists of this unique trip were the friend Chiara Biasi and the architect Filippo Fiora. The three arrived at their destination using two private helicoptersanother choice not particularly appreciated by those who care about the health of the environment.

A well-known TV personality who did not mince words against Ferragni thought about the story severely.

“But what do we expect from Chiara Ferragni?”: Harsh criticism for the influencer

Given the enormous resonance of almost everything that Fedez’s wife says and publishes, the question of the aperitif on the glacier has also been widely debated on TV. Alberto Matano dedicated a space to it in the episode of three days ago Life live asking the guests present in the studio what their opinion was about it.

When it’s his turn, Rosanna Cancellieri he did not spare very heavy words against Chiara Ferragni whom he defined without talent any and focused only on appearing. “But what do we expect from Chiara Ferragni?” Asked the journalist with an accompanying sarcastic laugh. “It seems to me that you celebrated her birthday with the throwing of cucumbers and tomatoes in a supermarket”, she then went on to bring up an episode from a few years ago in which the digital entrepreneur was the protagonist. Then, the definitive lunge: “I don’t think you have anything else but to flaunt and show what you do […] I don’t think he has other talents ”.

Cancellieri then also contested the definition of “entrepreneur” with reference to the Cremonese influencer: “I respect other entrepreneurs who have put quality, products and concepts on the market. She put on her Truman Show ”.

Both Matano and Stefania Orlandohowever, they wanted to break a lance in favor of Chiara also remembering his campaigns in defense of rights. “Let’s not bother the environmentalists for the environmental impact, it’s not that Chiara Ferragni takes the helicopter every day and goes to have an aperitif on the glacier”.

Chiara Ferragni criticizes
Chiara Ferragni, the controversy breaks out (Credits: RaiPlay)

In your opinion Rosanna Cancellieri is not all wrong or was she too severe in expressing her thoughts?