He has now decided: at the age of 71 he no longer wants to perform live, a great disappointment for the fans

The famous singer has announced his farewell to the music that has made him a world icon: he no longer wants to perform live, that’s why.

With her music it made an entire generation sing and dream, the same generation that welcomed the news of his abandonment to the stage with great sadness. He doesn’t want to perform live anymore and he said it openly.

He has now decided: at the age of 71 he no longer wants to perform live, huge disappointment for the fans (Credits: Pixabay)

Let’s talk about Phil Collins, which last Saturday 26 March, at the O2 Arena in London, gave its last concert. At the age of 71, the artist ends his career forever after having had his first hesitations back in 2009.

At the time, Collins had expressed a desire to be able to devote himself more to his young children. This time, however, the decision is final and disappoints many of those who were waiting for his reunion with the famous band that made him famous, the Genesis.

This event was announced last year on the occasion of the tour The Last Domino. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic from Covid, many of those dates had been canceled. In the few concerts made, however, it had already been seen that something was wrong with the drummer and singer.

Phil Collins, the decision we never wanted: he doesn’t want to perform live anymore

In those few performances, Collins had sung seated because very painful in the back. It all started in 2009, when he had a crushing of the vertebrae caused by the position he took to play the drums.

A problem that had led him in 2015 to well two surgeries, unfortunately without results. He couldn’t even walk with a cane or hold up sticks. Not an easy situation, especially for a ‘stage animal’ like him.

To the Guardian he expressed his discomfort during the tour: “I don’t do anything. I don’t practice singing at home, at all. Evidence is practice. My health changes things, doing the show sitting changes things “. Without losing his irony, the London-based musician greeted fans with a joke: “Now I’ll have to find a real job.”

no longer wants to perform live
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Millions of fans who will have been really sad following this news and who will have to give up forever the emotions of one of his live concerts.