He is the protagonist of Skam 5, but do you know who his partner is? Beloved to men and women

She is the protagonist of Skam 5, but do you know who the young actor’s partner is? Beloved to men and women.

The long awaited day has arrived. The fifth season of SKAM Italy. The Italian version of the homonymous Norwegian TV series arrived in 2018, conquering the public since the first season.

Elia in Skam (Instagram Credits)

The series is about a group of students from a high school in Rome, struggling with the problems and difficulties typical of their age. Each season, however, focuses on a particular character and the fifth chapter is dedicated to Elia Santini. Through its story the delicate theme of micropenis and sexual performance anxiety is addressed. To lend the face to the boy, since the first season, is the young actor of great talent Francesco Centorame. Originally from Pescare, the 26 year old is the father of a splendid child, born from the relationship with his partner. We know very well: it is a former face of Men and Women.

It is Elia in Skam 5: not everyone knows that his partner is a former face of Men and Women

Francesco Centorame is the absolute protagonist of Skam 5, the fifth chapter of the beloved TV series available on Netflix. His Elijah of him, the only one in his group to still be in high school due to his failure, is grappling with a delicate and very intimate problem: his story will touch your heart. We do not want to let ourselves go to spoilers by telling you more about Elia, but we will talk about the private life of the actor who has lent him his face since the first episodes of the series.

Not everyone knows, but Francesco Centorame is happily busy with his partner. And mother of her baby! The announcement of the birth of their baby arrived in December 2020, on mom’s Instagram profile. She who today she has moved away from the world from TV, but in 2015 she apparently took to one of the most loved and followed programs on our small screen, Men and Women. Who are we talking about? Of Valentina Salvagno, former suitor of the tronist Lucas Peracchi. In the Canale 5 program, the beautiful Venetian, now 33 years old, did not have a happy ending, but the great love found him with the cameras off.

Francesco and Valentina are one of the most solid couple of the moment and one of the most privacy-conscious, but, on social media, there are some sweet family shots, even in the company of little Leo.

skam companion
Valentina Salvagno (Credits Instaram / Youtube)

And you, did you know this background on the talented Francesco Centorame? If you haven’t done so yet, what are you waiting for to follow the fifth season of SKAM? Ten new episodes all to be experienced where, in addition to Elia, we will find the most beloved characters of the series, from Giovanni to Eva, to Martino and Federica.